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Become a Free Mason

What is Freemasonry?  

Find a Lodge

Masonic Lodge Locations Find a lodge near you in the United States
List of World Grand Lodges 


Freemasons Secrets
Masonic Lodge Secrets 
Freemasonry and the Bible
Masonic Blue



Entered Apprentice Mason Training
Apprentice Training Masonic 

Questions Sent In By Visitors

Can Entered Apprentices Wear Masonic Symbols?

When Can a Member Wear Masonic Jewelry? 



Master Mason Degree
Masonic 3rd Degree
Master Mason Apron   


Masonic Lodge - Q & A, Types of Lodges:  Definition of Regular, Irregular, Clandestine; Catholics, Mormons, Sexual Orientation.

Lodge Operation

Masonic Etiquette - Basic Lodge etiquette
Lodge Officer Duties & their jewels of office
Lodge Master Duties & Preparing For The East
Senior Warden Duties
Junior Warden Duties
Lodge Member Count

Lodge Committees & Duties

Lodge Administration
List of Masonic Lodge Committees
Lodge Audit Committee
Budget Committee
By-Laws Committee
Charity Committee
Funeral Committee
Grievance Committee
Investigative Committee
Preparation Committee
Refreshment Committee

Education Officer

Masonic Mentor Program
Apprentice Training Masonic 

Lodge Talks

Lodge Talks
AF & AM vs. F & AM States - Jurisdictional differences
Masonic Degree Verses  -
Meaning of the Biblical verses
Old Charges - Their foundational meaning for today's Freemason
Oldest Masonic Lodge - Where is the oldest lodge located?
The Letter G
Masonic Calendar
Masonic Retention - Balancing ritual with Masonic education
Masonic Wages

Lodge Bookkeeping

Performing a Lodge Audit


Freemason Ritual - The fastest way to learn
Masonic Lodge Secrets

Masonic Degree Verses -Meaning of the Biblical verses
Lodge Cipher Books - Where to obtain a copy


Bible Presentation
Widow Pin Presentations

Words and Phrases

Masonic Words - Meanings of archaic words in ritual.
Go Dark
Anno Lucis - "In the year of light"

Women Freemasons & Co-Masonry

Women Freemasons



Masonic Poems
Last Night I Knelt Where Hiram Knelt
I See You've Traveled Some
What Makes a Man a Mason
Masonic Membership Card
What Makes a Man a Mason?
The Lambskin
Masonic Journey

Humor and Jokes
Masonic Humor

Jokes Sent In By Visitors

Masonic Traveller Joke
Masonic Light Bulb Joke
Masonic Light Joke
Masons vs Knights of Columbus Joke
Elks vs Masons Joke
Masonic Brotherhood Joke
How Many Masons Does It Take
How Many Masons Does It Take
How Many Masons
Rodent Problem
Tyler Joke
Why Do Masons Wear Aprons?
A Masonic End - Gallows Humor


Masonic Insurance

Masonic Hoodwink - Photos of 100+ year old hoodwink)
Recognition Pins - Old Photos of Freemasons Wearing Recognition Pins
Oldest Masonic Lodge    


Best Masonic Gifts


Antique Masonic Jewelry
Masonic Regalia and Jewelry
Masonic Jewelry
Masonic Ball - Photos of an Orb Pendant
Ostby Barton Masonic Ring  

Jewelry Questions From Visitors

Will Purchasing Masonic Jewelry Bring Me Luck?
Mason Jewelry - Will It Prevent Receiving a Ticket? 


Masonic Rings  - Why do Freemasons wear a ring?
Red Masonic Ring
Entered Apprentice Ring - Can EAs wear a ring?
Masonic Signet Ring - What is a signet?
Gold Masonic Rings  - Why most Masonic rings are gold
Entered Apprentice Ring

Stainless Steel Masonic Rings
Ring Sizing  - Best way to determine your ring size.


Freemason Watches
Past Master Watches
Eastern Star Watch


Masonic Cufflinks   


This Jewelry Is NOT For Sale. 

This section is now closed to new jewelry photo submissions however, you may wish to browse through these links if you own a similar piece of antique Masonic jewelry.


Blue Lodge Tie Pin
Mason Trowel Miniature Trowel with Embossed Lodge I.D.
Ostby Barton Master Mason Ring
Masonic Mosaic Jewelry
Masonic Pocket Watch - (no photo)
Masonic Fob with Chain    
Masonic Pin
My Father's Masonic Ring
Grandfather's Masonic Ring (no photo)

Past Master

Antique Past Master Breast Jewels
Antique Past Master Breast Jewel
Grand River Lodge Past Master Breast Jewell
Masonic Past Master Ring

Scottish Rite

Scottish Rite Jewelry
York Rite and Scottish Rite Pendant
Great Grandfather's Scottish Rite Ring

Antique Scottish Rite Ring
Tri-Fold Gold Masonic Scottish Rite Fob with Diamond Engraving Inlays
Princes of Jerusalem Pin - 1895

York Rite

Knights Templar Pendant or Watch Fob
Knights Templar and Shrine Pendants
Knights Templar Jewelry
In Hoc Signo Vinces Pendant
Royal Arch Masonry Ring
HTWSSTKS Masonic Token
Masonic Pendant HTWSSTKS 
Masonic Past Grand Commander Jewel - New Jersey 

Early 1900s Knight Templar Hat


Shriner Ring
Shrine Emblem Pin
Shriner Masonic Claw Pin

Eastern Star

Order of the Eastern Star WP Pendant
Old Masonic Eastern Star Pins


DeMolay Jewelry
Gold Masonic Jewelry

Masonic Ball/Orb Pendants

Masonic Ball Orb Necklace - (no photo)
Masonic Ball Masonic Orb Pendant Masonic Fob
(See also Masonic Ball)

Other Masonic

Heir of Locket from Southern Masonic Female College - 1860
Masonic Charm Bracelet


Pewter Sun Staff

Cross and Circle and Magen David with an M    
Star of Destiny Brooche (drawing)
Masonic or Shriner's Pin?
Gold Ring
Booth Masonic Ring
Moon Locket



Masonic Shirts
Masonic Gloves
Masonic Hats - Must Worshipful Masters wear a hat?


Masonic Symbols (Emblems vs. symbols)
Masonic Emblems

Freemason Symbols

Free Mason Symbols - History of Masonic Symbols
47th Problem of Euclid -
How To Square Your Square
Acacia Seed


Anchor and the Ark
Ark of the Covenant
Ashlars-Rough and Perfect
Blazing Star
Cable Tow
Masonic Wages
- Corn, Wine & Oil
Eye of God
Gavel & Setting Maul

Letter "G"
Mosaic Pavement
Point Within A Circle
Rough and Perfect Ashlar

Sheaf of Corn

Square and Compasses
Trestle Board -


Fundraiser Ideas

Masonic Fundraisers

Fundraiser Ideas Sent In By Visitors

Football Mania
Lodge Fundraiser Hypnotist Show and Dinner  
Lodge Calendars Fundraiser   

Lodge BiMonthly Breakfast   
Chili, Soup and Karaoke Lodge Fundraiser      
Lodge Fundraiser Ideas in 2000, Raised in Charity Golf Tournament   
No Chicken-Chicken Sale  
Gordon Food Service Pie Sale  
Lodge Fish Dinners

Masonic Candy


Masonic Lodge Books
Freemason Books
Prince Hall Books
Rare Masonic Books


Masonic Clip Art
Prince Hall Clip Art

QUIZZES - Printable questions and answers

Entered Apprentice Quiz
Fellow Craft Quiz
Master Mason Quiz
Masonic Symbols Quiz


Masonic Art
Antique Masonic Chairs - Antique Worshipful Master Chairs


Masonic Gravestones

Sent in By Visitors
Old Masonic Gravestone 
Masonic Cemetery in Eureka California  

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If you are considering becoming a Freemason, the easiest way to begin is by reading these pages, in this order:

Freemasons - What Do They Believe In
Become a Free Mason
Masonic Lodge Secrets
Entered Apprentice Ring - Can Entered Apprentices wear a ring?
Freemasonry and the Bible
Masonic Degree Verses  -
Meaning of the Biblical verses

List of World Grand Lodges - Find a Grand Lodge near you and contact them to find a lodge.


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