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Lodge Fundraiser - Hypnotist Show and Dinner

by Joe Mechetuk

The Masonic Lodge in Warkworth held a lodge fundraiser hypnotist show and dinner to raise funds on April 2010 while Joe Mechetuk was Master of the lodge.

We hired a hypnotist, Robert Maxwell. We pre-sold 80 tickets for the dinner and show. The event sold out prior to the night.

The wives prepared a buffet roast beef and chicken dinner. Following the dinner, we had Robert perform.

It was a marvelous event and we were able to raise $1200 profit to be donated towards our district project, the Campbellford Memorial Hospital CT Scan fundraiser.

We received positive comments from everyone in attendance for such a fun night. I would recommend other lodges to consider this type of event as a fundraiser.

I would suggest you have a larger venue and sell more tickets. A goal of 200+ ticket sales should be considered.

Simon's Reply:

Hello Joe,

Your Lodge Fundraiser - Hypnotist Show and Dinner sounds like it was an interesting evening, indeed and I'm sure it was fun to watch, as well!

Thanks for sharing!


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