Masonic Preparation Committee


The Masonic preparation committee typically consists of 3 Master Masons.  The 3 Master Masons include:

  • Senior Deacon
  • Senior Steward
  • Junior Steward

Masonic Preparation Committee  Duties:

1.  Insure that all candidate wardrobe is clean and in proper repair.

2.  Insure that all sizes of wardrobe (small, medium, large,
     XL, XXL and XXXL) are clean and available at all times.

3.  Inform the Worshipful Master and Secretary of any items
     of the candidate wardrobe that need replacement or repair.

4.  Clean the candidate wardrobe after each use with respect
     to proper hygiene.  Whether the wardrobe is taken home
     to be washed or sent out to a cleaners, each and every
     item should be freshly laundered before requesting the
     candidate to wear the apparel. 

5.  Insure that the preparation room is always clean and tidy. 

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