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Mission Statement:  The basic Masonic education information contained on this website's pages attempts to provide basic fast-track training for brethren at the lodge level to assist each member with his duties.  Its highest and best purpose is to provide fast track, fat-free Masonic education to promote Masonic retention within the fraternity.

This website is privately owned, operated and funded.  It is not directly affiliated or under the control of any Grand Lodge or jurisdiction.  No information within its pages is provided by any single lodge nor via any collaboration effort.

Masonic Secrets: No Masonic secrets are to be found on this website. For clarification purposes for those who believe all of Freemasonry is "secret"; the true Masonic secrets...the grips, penal signs, passwords and ritual which are found within the lodge room will not be found upon the pages of this website.

"THE" Voice of Freemasonry: It is not the intent of this website to promote itself as "THE" Voice of Freemasonry.  There are many Masonic scholars across the world.  Down through the ages, it has been from their mouth to our ear that each of us was and is tutored. 

With the advent of the internet, the non-secret portions of Freemasonry can be shared and learned via this website...greatly increasing the speed with which a member may learn the basics of Freemasonry.

For those who cannot afford or cannot find the correct books, this website attempts to provide basic Masonic education to those who wish to learn.

Jurisdictions: Due to slight variations within the many jurisdictions, there may be wording to which you are not familiar or to which you object because you have learned it in a slightly different way.

It is not our intent to mislead or provide erroneous information, however there are so many slight jurisdictional differences, it would necessitate a much longer explanation (and much longer pages) if each specific difference were outlined within these pages.

....And before each item could be rigorously and empirically quantified, they could be subject to a change by any state or country's Grand Lodge By-Laws committee, thereby making that item incorrect (almost overnight).

This is why this website provides "Basic" Masonic education, in lieu of up-to-the minute information about each specific Grand Lodge rule change in process, which is continually subject to change.

Here are 3 (of thousands) of examples of jurisdictional differences:  

Minimum Applicant Age:  Within the 50 United States, there are 3 different (currently known by this author) minimum applicant ages.  Within these different jurisdictions, Grand Lodges require that the applicant be 18, 19 and 21.

Invitation to Membership:

Historically, the rule used to be "2B1-Ask1". This now varies by jurisdiction.  Many jurisdictions now invite men to join...while others still adhere to the rule where Freemasons do not solicit membership.  In Texas, Masonry is advertised on the radio in an attempt to attract members.  In England, a lodge may nominate a man for membership...and then inform him that he has been nominated.

Compass vs. Compasses: There are 6 U.S. states which use the word "compass", in lieu of the word "compasses".

Advertising: Some Grand Lodges permit advertising on lodge-owned Masonic websites and some do not,...however, this site is privately owned, operated and funded

While no advertising will be provided on this website which would be detrimental to the image of Freemasonry; this site both researches and advertises the best products believed to be available to Freemasons. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, or is a participant in the Google Adsense Program, a pay per click advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising through's Adsense program.

The author has spent many hours reading, distilling, compiling, writing and publishing the information on these pages at his own expense to be used for the betterment of the craft.

You will see both advertising and a donation page upon this site,... should you or your lodge choose to support this work in attempting to assist each and every lodge train and retain more Masonic members.

About Simon:

Simon’s quest for Masonic knowledge is being freely shared.  He invests a tremendous amount of time and research toward writing each page on this website.

He does not wish the Masonic student of Freemasonry to read this Masonic education as an end to their quest for light, but hopes that they will continue to seek knowledge so that they, too, can become a Mason in their heart.



If you are in doubt about any information stated on this website, you are urged to contact your Grand Lodge for more guidance.

This site is not an official site of any recognized Masonic body in the United States or any other country in the world.

It is for informational purposes only to attempt to promote a better understanding of Freemasonry both for its members and to non-Freemasons.

Due to widespread jurisdictional differences around the world, it does not, necessarily reflect the views nor opinions of Freemasonry, nor of any other regular Masonic body other than those stated.

Books in the Public Domain: Per the Pre-1923 Public Domain Rule in the United States, books published prior to 1923 are online.

All papers published are the responsibility of the authors. Articles have been taken from various sources.

In the creation of this web site, a very sincere effort has been made to avoid the use of any known copyrighted material without permission of the owner(s).

It is not the intention of this website to promote copyright infringement in any form. If you discover written material or images that you believe are your property for which you have not received due credit, please let me know and due credit will be given or the item will be replaced.

For any copyright infringement claims please contact me.

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