Freemason Watches

Freemason watches, also known as Blue Lodge watches, typically display Freemasonry's well known emblem, the Masonic Square and Compasses or Masonic symbols. 

Past Master watches display the Past Master's emblem. 

Scottish Rite watches typically display the Scottish Rite emblem, the double headed eagle.

Shriner watches display the Shrine emblem.

Eastern Star watches display the Eastern Star emblem.

Black and gold face Masonic watch

Black and Gold Face Dial with Black Silicone Band

These Masonic watches are worn by members of the fraternity, not only at lodge meetings, functions and events, but on a daily basis.

Masonic watch face designs vary, as do choices of metals,...from stainless steel to gold, as well as the many different choices of watch bands.

Like all Masonic jewelry, wearing a Masonic watch is an optional choice for each member.

Lodges do not purchase Masonic jewelry. Each member purchases their own.

Blue Lodge Watch

A Blue Lodge watch depicts Freemasonry's well known emblem-logo, the Square and Compasses emblem.

Blue Lodge Watch with blue metal band

Blue Lodge Watch with Blue Face and Band

Working Tools-Masonic Symbols Watch

Masonic Symbols Working Tools Watch

Masonic Symbols Watch

Scottish Rite Watch

Scottish Rite Watch

Freemason Watches - Styles

Masonic lodge watches may be stylized to include the square and compasses, Masonic tools or other Masonic styling, symbols, emblems and insignia.

Masonic Shrine Watches

The Shrine emblem consists of the scimitar, star and eagle claw.

Shrine Watch

Masonic Past Master Watch

A Past Master watch has a Past Master's symbol on its face. The symbolry is of the Sun, the Square, the Compasses, and the Quadrant. (in the United States)

Past Master Watch

Past Master Watch

Masonic Pocket Watch

Masonic pocket watches are also popular.

Masonic Pocket Watch

Masonic Pocket Watch

Freemason watches range from simple, inexpensive styles to more elaborate designs which may include diamonds or other jewels, as well as Masonic tools.

View All Masonic Watches Under $ 50.

Eastern Star Watches

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