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Masonic lodge Kingston New York

Masonic Lodge Hall, Kingston, New York, circa 1859-1890, from the Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views, courtesy of

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Lodge Officer Duties - (Jewels of office and Preparing For The East)

Masonic Etiquette - Lodge Room Etiquette

Lodge Administration - (includes Lodge Committees)

Masonic Insurance - (historical)

AF & AM vs. F & AM States

Lodge Talks (The Old Charges, Masonic Retention, Oldest Masonic Lodge)

Masonic Calendar- Historically-based calendars of the different degrees.

What is a Masonic Lodge?

A lodge is a certain number of Freemasons who assemble to work, by having authority to do so from a charter or warrant which usually comes from a Grand lodge.

A "lodge room", or "lodge" is the properly arranged and furnished room where the lodge meets.

Is Everything About Freemasonry a Masonic Secret?

Actually, with the exception of the passwords, grips, signs and the ritual,  itself, there is nothing else that is secret within the lodge.   When asked about Freemasonry, most often, it is the Masons who have not properly studied Freemasonry who make blunders such as jokingly saying things like:  "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." 

There is nothing within Masonry about its members having to kill anyone.

Every Mason is taught that it is his duty to always be trying to improve himself in order to honor and respect his God-given talents and so that he may be better able to assist his brother Masons. 

To not do so is to be "a drone in the hive of Nature" and unworthy of Masonic assistance. 

With the advent of the internet, and online bookstores with thousands of books available about Freemasonry, modern Freemasons are achieving a greater collective knowledge about Freemasonry and its true place within their lives.

Within another few short years, Freemasons who do not study will be at a major disadvantage within their respective lodges.


What is a "Regular" Masonic Lodge?

Regularity is the process by which individual Grand lodges recognize one another for the purposes of allowing formal interaction at the Grand Lodge level and visitation by members of other jurisdictions. 

The largest collection of mutually recognized Grand Lodges derives its regularity from the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) based on a set of specific criteria.  Dating back to 1717, UGLE is considered to be not only the oldest, but the largest grouping of lodges. 

UGLE provides a list of recognized Grand Lodges on its website.

What is a "Clandestine" Lodge?

A "clandestine lodge" is one that does not hold a proper charter from any Grand lodge.

What is an "Irregular" Lodge?

An "irregular lodge" is a lodge that does have a charter from a Grand lodge, but its Grand lodge is not recognized by other Grand lodges.


Why Do Masonic Lodges Call Their Leader the Worshipful Master?

Worshipful Master means one who is held in honor, and considered as an honorable man.  It is an Olde Englishe word that means someone who is worthy of honor and respect because he, himself worships or is full of worship, faith and respect. 

He is respected because of the depth and strength of his faith in and his reliance on Deity.


A Now Deceased Relative of Mine Was a Freemason. 
How Can I Find Out More About His Masonic Affiliation?

Begin by contacting the lodge in which he was a member.  If they cannot offer you sufficient information, ask for a contact number for the Grand Lodge in the state or country in which your relative was a member.


Are All Members of Freemason Lodges, Christian?

No.  Masonry is not a religion nor is a specific religion one of its requirements.  Freemasonry teaches each member to be faithful to his conscience and his own chosen religion. 

Within "regular" Freemasonry, all that is required of a candidate is a belief in a Supreme Being.

Can Mormons Be Freemasons?

Yes.  There is no rule within Freemasonry barring Mormons from becoming a Freemason.  There are quite a few Mormons who are Freemasons.

Can Catholics Be Freemasons?

Yes.  The fraternity of Freemasonry embraces universality, no matter what a man's ethnicity, economic or social status, or religious beliefs. However, Catholics may wish to check with their church about the church's stance on Freemasonry.


Can Gays Join a Masons Lodge?

Yes...however Freemasonry is based on morality.  There are some lodge members who may feel very strongly that homosexuality is immoral.  If that becomes the case, you may want to petition another lodge. 


One of Freemasonry's symbols is a 5 Pointed Star.   Is it a Demonic Pentagram?

No.  You've been watching too much T.V. 

Do Freemasons practice devil worship, animal sacrifices or other such shocking acts?

No.  Most Freemasons are hard working, middle class men with families, a belief in a Supreme Being, a church affiliation and a desire to help others.

The basic foundation underlying Freemasonry is morality.  If you are still unsure, ask your local Masonic lodge to give you a tour of the lodge. 

Have you ever heard or read in any of the media of any shocking acts perpetrated by a Masonic lodge? 

It is of course, possible, however, that the perpetrator of such an act might be a Mason, just as he might be black or white, Christian or Hindu, married or unmarried, or even a Boy Scout Leader or Sunday School teacher. 

However the Masonic lodge, itself, nor the Grand Lodge under which the lodge receives its charter, does not tolerate nor condone any un-Masonic conduct, including murder, treason or heinous acts. 

Freemasons are required to obey moral law, the laws of their country, all regulations and the established customs of the fraternity.


How to Find A Masonic Lodge

In the United States, you can:

  1. Look in the telephone book under "Fraternal Organizations" or "Lodges".
  2. Perform a Google (or other search engine) search for: "your state" + "Grand Lodge".  Once you arrive at your state's Grand lodge website, look for a list of subordinate lodges in their jurisdiction which are near you.
  3. If you see a vehicle with a Masonic symbol on its bumper or tail light, and feel comfortable speaking to its owner, ask him where his lodge is located and whatever other questions you may have about it.

List of Masonic Lodges

If you are not in the United States, go to my World Grand Lodges page.  Once you arrive at your country's Grand lodge website, look for a list of subordinate lodges in their jurisdiction which are near you. 

If you cannot find a lodge near you, it does not, necessarily mean that there are none.  Call or e-mail your Grand Lodge and request information about a Masonic lodge near you.

How to Find A Masonic Lodge If You Are a Woman

Go to my Women Freemasons page for contact information about women-only Masonic lodges and Co-Masonry.

How To Find a Prince Hall Lodge

Go to my World Grand Lodges page and click on the and link to find a PHA lodge near you.


How To Become a Freemason

Go to my Become a Freemason page. 

Can I Fill Out a Membership Petition on the Internet?

No.  You must find a lodge near you.

How To Become a Knights Templar

All Knights Templar must first become Freemasons.  (see How to Become a Freemason, above.) Once you have become a Master Mason, you may begin pursuing the other degrees, of which Knights Templar is one of the Chivalric Orders within the York Rite of Freemasonry. 

Note:  In the United States, a requirement of membership in the York Rite is being a professed Christian.

How To Visit a Masonic Lodge

If you are in the United States, see number (1.) and number (2.), above.  Once you have the phone number or an e-mail address, contact the lodge nearest you and ask for a tour.  Feel free to ask whatever questions you have at the time of your visit.

How To Start a Masonic Lodge

If you are currently a member of a "regular" Masonic lodge, read your Grand Lodge By-Laws to find out what steps you must take to start a new Mason's lodge.  You may also contact your Grand Lodge for more assistance.

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