Junior Warden

Junior Warden Duties and Responsibilites

Junior Warden Jewel...The PlumbJunior Warden Jewel
...The Plumb


The Junior Warden is the 3rd in line within the Masonic lodge hierarchy and helps the lodge to run smoothly, both at labor and at refreshment.

ASSISTANT OFFICER:  In Freemasonry, the Junior Warden is an elected officer in the Lodge.  His position is similar to a Vice-President.

JEWEL:  His Jewel of Office is the Plumb,... which is a stonemason's instrument used for ascertaining the alignment of a vertical surface. It symbolizes upright behavior among Masons.

REFRESHMENT:  He sits in the South (symbolic of the position of the sun at midday) and is responsible for the Brethren while the Lodge is at ease or refreshment.

It is his to arrange all meals for the lodge, and, typically, the 2 Stewards act as his assistants in this responsibility. Symbolically, it is also his duty to make certain that the members do not convert their refreshment into intemperance or excess.

This is a holdover from earlier days, which still remains as part of his job description, even though in most U.S. jurisdictions, alcohol is barred from the lodge.

Which Officers Can Open the Lodge?  The Master, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden or a Past Master may open the lodge if the ranking officer(s) is unable to attend the meeting.



The term Warden is derived from the Middle English word "wardein" and from the Anglo-French word wardein, gardein, from warden to guard dated around the 13th century. 

The word, Warden, has many different meanings in today's world.  Its basic meaning is one having care or in charge of something with supervisory duties or with the enforcement of specified laws or regulations.

  1. To assist the Worshipful Master in the performance of his duties.

  2. To discharge those duties which ancient usage has assigned to the station of the Junior Warden.

  3. During the absence of the Worshipful Master and the Senior Warden, to succeed and be in charge with all the powers and duties of the Worshipful Master.

  4. To prefer charges against a Mason guilty of un-Masonic conduct and present such charges to the Master of the Lodge.

  5. To be responsible for all refreshments served at the Lodge.

  6. To keep an attendance record for all Lodge functions whereby refreshments are served.  (an ongoing count which is necessary to plan for future events in order to insure there is the correct amount of food and supplies ordered).

  7. Entertainment Committee along with the Senior and Junior Stewards.

  8. To serve either as a Committee Chairman or Member of any committee that the Worshipful Master may request his services.

  9. To assist the Senior Warden with the execution of his duties as required.

  10. To attend all Lodge functions (Stated or Called, Lodge social events and other Lodge Functions).

  11. To attend the Grand Lodge Annual Communication.

Like all other officers of the Masonic lodge, the Junior Warden's understanding and performance of his duties creates harmony within the lodge and promotes the brotherhood of its members.

Jr. Warden's Duties as head of the Masonic Refreshment Committee

Typically, if elected, the Junior Warden will become Master of the Lodge in 2 more years.

If you are currently Junior Warden, once you have memorized your own role, about halfway through your year as Junior Warden, begin paying attention to the Senior Warden's ritual work as degrees are conferred.

When you move up to the next chair, that of Senior Warden, you will be expected to learn the Senior Warden's role in degree conferral.

Masonic Education builds Masonic Retention.

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