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Shrine Emblem Pin

by Bill Latham
(Newark, Delaware)

Shrine Emblem Pins

Shrine Emblem Pins

What is the significance (if any) of a Shrine emblem pin having a star included in the design and not having a star included?

Please see the photo of two pins which shows the different designs.

Hi Bill,

All the Shrine emblems that I have seen, including those on Masonic jewelry, fezzes, bumper stickers, Shrine rings, etc. include the star as part of the emblem.

I do not know of a specific meaning for the emblem to be without the star.

Typically, the emblem is formed with the crescent, (which is analogous to the claws of a Royal Bengal Tiger), upon which is the head of a sphinx. Behind the sphinx is a pyramid. Beneath the sphinx head hangs the star.

The crescent hangs from a (usually) horizontal scimitar.

It is possible that the jewelry designer simply took a bit of artistic 'license' with the pin which does not include the star.

Hope this has been helpful. If anyone else is aware of a specific meaning for this Shrine emblem pin not to include the star, please share your information by using the form.

Thanks for writing, Bill!


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