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Masonic Traveller Joke

by Felix Gordillo
(Universal Lodge #178 - Tampa, Florida)

There is a lodge located in the backwoods of a small southern town where the brethren are faithful Masons, but lack knowledge of receiving brothers from other jurisdictions.

During one of the meetings, the JD (Junior Deacon) informed the WM (Worshipful Master) that there was an alarm at the door, whereupon the WM replied "Attend the alarm and report your findings".

The JD opened the door and saw, to his amazement, a brother, impeccably dressed with an elaborate apron and jewels about his chest.

The Tyler, being somewhat slow to answer for the visiting brother, the visitor stated, "My name is John Smith, Past Grand Master, who humbly requests an audience with the WM."

The JD, upon hearing these words from the visiting brother and the elaborate apron and jewels upon his chest, immediately closed the door, returned to his post and informed the WM: "Worshipful Master, The Grand Architect of the Universe is at the door!!!"

Simon's Reply:


Thank you for sharing this one with us! I really liked this Masonic Traveller joke a lot, (probably because it underscores the consistent need for Masonic education).

For those of you who are reading this who are not Freemasons, the "Grand Architect of the Universe" refers to God, mankind's Creator.

The punchline of the joke is that these Freemasons were not as knowledgeable about Freemasonry as they should have been.

When an elegantly clothed stranger with numerous Masonic titles appeared at the door, the Tyler was so awestruck, he mistakenly believed that the man was God, himself.

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