Bible Presentation

Masonic Bible Presentation Ceremony

Upon completion of the Master Mason degree, a Bible Presentation is performed by the Worshipful Master or other Lodge Officer to the new member of the Masonic Fraternity.

Master Mason Bible Presentation

The award of the Holy Book via a Master Mason Bible presentation ceremony is a privilege for any Master Mason and marks the beginning of the new Master Mason's Trestle Board of life within the Masonic fraternity.

Bible Presentation

My Brother, you have served your apprenticeship as a bearer of burdens and hewer of stone in the quarries and have come at last to that exalted position as an overseer of work,....a Master Mason, free to travel into foreign countries, to work and receive Master's wages.

We have given you your tools to work with and taught you their Masonic uses. We taught you how to properly divide your time by the 24 inch gauge, that you might have 8 hours in which to rest and 8 more to serve your fellow man and worship your Creator.

We gave you the common gavel with which to rid your mind and conscience of all the vices and superfluities of life, so that when your appointed time arrives, you may find your proper place in that spiritual temple, that house not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens.

We taught you to walk uprightly by the plumb, to square your actions by the square of virtue, and how to meet and work on the level. And, finally, we gave you the trowel with which to spread the cement of brotherly love and affection that binds us into the greatest fraternity the world has ever known; a brotherhood that extends into every far flung corner of the Earth.

But, my Brother, there is one thing that we have not yet given you,...something that every workman must have in order to do the best possible work. We have not yet given you a set of plans to work by, or in our Masonic language, ...your Trestle Board.

So, it is our pleasure and privilege at this time to present you with your Trestleboard. This is the Masonic Bible on which you placed your hands and kissed when you took your 3 Masonic Obligations here at this Masonic altar.

Here is your book of plans, the most complete set of plans ever given to a man. Here you will find a plan to guide you, comfort you, to sustain you in every contingency, in joy or in sorrow, in riches or in poverty, in fair weather or foul. The answer to ever question, to every need, can be found between the covers of this great book.

How you will choose to use this set of plans, my Brother, is not for me to say. That is something you must work out for yourself. You may find the answer in the words of the the 10 Commandments as laid down by the records of the Mosaic found in the book of the inspirations of the Psalms and written by David,...or in the wisdom of the proverbs of King Solomon.

Or, you may find it by example, the example of that perfect and most successful life lived 2000 years ago by a humble carpenter.

But, let me tell you this, my Brother, and I say it in all sincerity, whenever you turn to this Great Book to find your plan, you may fail it,... but it will never fail you.

So, we give you this Book of Plans...this Trestle Board...with our best wishes and blessings. It is yours to serve and guide you in your social, your business...and most importantly, your family life.

And now, properly equipped with your Trestle Board, go forth, my Brother, and do your work as a man and as a Master Mason!

Feel free to read and print this Masonic Bible Presentation Ceremony when you are called upon to present your new Master Mason with his Masonic Book of Plans for his life as a Brother within your Masonic Lodge.

Simon-Sez: Although this is a Bible presentation, it may also be modified to be used with the presentation of any Sacred Holy book from another religion.

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