Masonic Refreshment Committee

The Masonic Refreshment Committee typically consists of 3 Master Masons who include:

  • Junior Warden - (Chairman)
  • Senior Deacon
  • Either the Senior or Junior Steward

Masonic Refreshment Committee Duties:

1.  Insure that sufficient quantities of food and drink are provided
    for the lodge members and guests at all functions.

2.  Insure that sufficient dinnerware and cutlery are clean and available
     at all times.

3. Contact the Worshipful Master prior to each meeting to ascertain if
    any additional guests are expected . 

4.  Insure that the kitchen and dining areas are cleaned both prior to the
    meeting and, again, prior to your departure from the lodge. 


Feel free to print this page and place it into your lodge notebook. 

If you are the Chairman of this committee, you may also want to print a copy to give to the Senior Deacon and the Junior/Senior Steward so that they, too, may fully understand their duties.

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