Recognition Pins

Masonic Lapel Pins

Recognition pins are worn not only by members of Masonic lodges, but by most other Freemason appendant bodies such as Scottish Rite, York Rite, Eastern Star, Shrine, Rainbow Girls, DeMolay and others.

Masonic lapel pins are worn to symbolize a specific achievement, such as having been raised to the Sublime Degree of  Master Mason. 

After having been made a Mason, other members of the fraternity address fellow members as "Brother", followed by their first name. 

The primary reason Freemasons wear Masonic jewelry is that it aids in the recognition of another member as to which post or degree that person has achieved. 

This helps others in the fraternity to address them correctly.  For instance, in Eastern Star, a Past Worthy Matron would not be called by her first name.  She would be called "Past Worthy Matron". 

Popular Masonic Lapel Pins

Square and Compasses Lapel Pin

Masonic Trowel Lapel Pin

Working Tools Lapel Pin
32nd Degree Scottish Rite Lapel Pin

47th Proposition of Euclid Lapel Pin

Veteran's Masonic Lapel Pin
O.E.S. Pin

Masonic Jewelry Box

Masonic lapel pins and their pin backs are somewhat small and can easily be lost.  Here is a very popular, small (5.75 inch) Masonic jewelry box to keep your Masonic pin collection in. 

Masonic Jewelry Box For Small Jewelry

Vintage Masonic Recognition Pins Photos

As you can see from the old Masonic photos, below, Masonic recognition lapel pins have been worn by members of the fraternity for many years and are still very popular, today. 

Each of the gentlemen below, wear different recognition lapel pins on their left lapel, however the brother in the first photo wears his Masonic pins on both lapels. 

Judging from their hairstyles and attire as well as the sepia and gray colored backgrounds, these professionally produced photos are probably over 100 years old.

vintage master mason photo

Name and Date Unknown
Taken by professional photographers, Oglozinski Art Studio,
3010 W. 22nd Street
Chicago, Illinois


vintage past master photo

Taken by Professional Photographer:  Freeman
Name and Date Unknown
Past Master, Norfolk, Virginia


old masonic photo

Signed:  Yours fraternally, S. Minty, P.M. 132,
 Date Unknown 
Taken by Professional Photographers, Witcomb & Son
Sausbury & Bournemouth, England


There are many Masonic recognition pins for Masons and all appendant bodies of the fraternity, such as O.E.S., Masonic firefighter pins, Masonic police pins and Masonic military pins available on the market. has a nice selection available.


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