Lodge Administration

Lodge Structure and Organization

How A Lodge Works

Lodge Administration begins with the Worshipful Master.

He is the "Man with the Hat". Each and every facet of the lodge is his responsibility during his year as Master.

Each officer of the lodge has specific duties. While different jurisdictions differ, somewhat, ...(remember, this website attempts to take into consideration all jurisdictions all over the world)...which is not always easy...the fact remains that basic Lodge structure and organization is somewhat static (similar).

Please note: If any of the following information is counter to your specific Grand Lodge By-Laws or Lodge By-Laws, please omit that portion.

Worshipful Master: Lodge administration begins with you. If you are or will become the Worshipful Master; to make tenure in office flow as smoothly as possible, I would suggest reading each of the links, below.

Lodge Officers: Most of you will be requested / assigned / delegated to Lodge Committees by the Worshipful Master. I suggest that each of you read both Lodge Officer Duties and Lodge Committee Duties, at a minimum, to assist you in the performance of your tasks.

Education Officer: Masonic education can be a lengthy task. Feel free to choose to read these pages, print them and discuss them with your new members, or simply give them the URL (address) of this website and then ask questions to test them over their reading.

I am hopeful that this website will be able to assist you in providing Masonic Education to make your job of training the brethren much easier.

Another excellent way to begin their training is to print copies of the Masonic Etiquette page and hand these to the newly Entered Apprentice directly after his EA degree has been completed.

Secretary: At a minimum, if you are a new Secretary, I would suggest you read the Lodge Member Count page.

It is my hope that this Lodge Administration page is helpful to each and every member of the brethren (within the boundaries of your own, personal jurisdictional By-Laws).

Here is a list of each of the specific Lodge Committees and Duties.

Lodge Member Count

If you forget the URL of this website, simply type Simon Masonic Education into your web browser's search box or feel free to bookmark any page on this site by clicking on the Google bookmark icon at the bottom of each page to bookmark it directly into your personal Google bookmarks. .

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