Best Masonic Gifts

The best Masonic gifts for the Freemason in your life. 

  • Masonic Regalia
  • Masonic Accessories
  • Worshipful Master Installation
  • Worthy Matron and Worth Patron Installation
  • Christmas
  • Father's Day
  • Birthday
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts

....or just gift yourself!

Use this curated "Freemason Store" to save yourself  a lot of time when you are looking for unique Masonic Gifts and Regalia.

Masonic Rings

Masonic Rings at

Blue Lodge Regalia

Blue Lodge Regalia includes:

Lodge aprons, officer apron sets, and collars at


OES Regalia

Eastern Star Regalia

OES Regalia includes:

Fez, caps, cases, rings, jewelry, sashes, aprons, collars, lapel pins & OES gifts at


Scottish Rite Regalia

Scottish Rite Regalia includes:

Aprons, collars, cap cases, ties, bow ties, Scottish Rite Jewels, Necklaces and Scottish Rite rings at

Knights Templar Regalia at

Shriner's Regalia

Shriner's Regalia at

Cap, Apron & Collar Cases

York Rite
Royal Arch Regalia

Royal Arch Regalia includes:

Hats, caps, hat cases,  aprons, rings, breast jewels, collars, car emblems, ties, Polo shirt, gloves, cuff sets, and more at

Canadian Regalia

Canadian Regalia


English Regalia

English Regalia at

Masonic Carpets

Click on each carpet to see the intricate detail-work in each design.

Scottish Rite Carpet

Symbolic Lodge Carpet

Masonic Symbol Carpet

Mosaic Pavement Carpet

Solid Brass Masonic Guitar Pick

Men's High Top Blue Masonic Tennis Shoes

Men's High Top Black Masonic Tennis Shoes

Masonic Socks

Men's Handmade Black Leather Masonic Belt
Men's Brown Leather Masonic Belt

Handmade Hilltop Leather Past Master's Wallet

Men's Leather Skull Wallet

Case Masonic Trapper Pocket Knife

Case Mini Trapper Masonic Pocket Knife
Masonic Wall or Ceiling Projector

2 Inch Masonic Coin with Case

Car Emblems &
Window Decals

Car emblems for lodge and all appendant bodies, including Past Master, PHA, OES, Royal Arch, Scottish Rite, Knights Templar, Grand Lodge Officer, Shriner, Past Potentate, Widow's Sons, and more at


Cut Out Shaped Square and Compass Masonic Emblem
Cut Out Shaped Square and Compass Masonic Vehicle Emblem

Prince Hall Masonic Car Emblem

More Vehicle Emblems and Decals

Masonic Rings for Men

Masonic Rings

Stainless Steel Masonic Rings

Red Masonic Rings

Gold Masonic Rings

Masonic Watches

Eastern Star Watches

Masonic Watches

Past Master Watches

Lapel Pins

Masonic Lapel Pins

Masonic Cufflinks

Masonic Cufflinks

Masonic Gloves

Masonic Gloves

Masonic Aprons

Masonic Aprons

Masonic Coffee Mugs on

Customizable Masonic mugs and steins.  Personalize them with your Lodge Name and Number or your Name and Title of Office.

Personalized Masonic Gifts

Personalized Handmade Masonic Beverage Decanter and Glasses

Personalized, Hand-Etched Whiskey Decanter with option of either 2 or 4 whiskey glasses

Set of 2 Personalized Masonic Whiskey Glasses. Choose which of the following to have them etch into the glasses: Square and Compasses, Past Master, Scottish Rite, or York Rite.

Food Event Aprons

Masonic BBQ-Kitchen-Lodge Event Apron

Eastern Star Kitchen-BBQ-Food-Event Apron

Eastern Star Kitchen Apron

Masonic Hats

Black and Gold Baseball Cap

More Masonic Hats

Masonic Shirts

Long Sleeve Masonic Polo Shirt

Masonic Polos and T-Shirts

Personalized Masonic Blanket

Custom Masonic Blanket
Personalize this Masonic Blanket with the Name, Date, Lodge Name or Date You Were Raised to Be a Master Mason - on

Masonic Books

Masonic books also make great gifts.

Boxed Gifts

Freemason's Masonic Gavel - Gift for Freemasons - Etched with Standard Masonic symbolism (Includes sound block)
Freemason's Masonic Gavel - Gift for Freemasons - Etched with Standard Masonic symbolism (Includes sound block)

Working Tools Masonic Gift Set for Freemasons - Miniature Tools from the first, second and third degrees of symbolism
Working Tools Masonic Gift Set for Freemasons - Miniature Tools from the first, second and third degrees of symbolism

Freemason's Novelty Trowel - Boxed Gift for Freemasons - Etched with Various Masonic symbolism (one single trowel).

Masonic pen set
Square and Compasses Ballpoint Pen Set - Boxed

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