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Please read before submitting your question.

If you wish to become a Freemason, you need to Find a Lodge and contact them, directly.

Use this link to Find a Lodge near you.

This site now receives many daily questions. I regret that I can no longer answer each and every email, as I did at one time.

Here are answers to some of the most common quesitons I receive:

Not all countries have Masonic lodges. Check this list of Masonic Lodge Locations to see if there are lodges in your state or country.

If you cannot find a lodge near you, do a Google search for: "Grand Lodge of (your state or country)" and contact them for help in locating a lodge near you.

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization. Initiation fees and annual dues are required from each member.

Like in other areas of the internet, Scammers abound. Please Do Not Be Scammed

The Freemason fraternity does not solicit members by e-mail, by telemarking phone calls nor by promises to "make you rich". It does not send univited e-mail initiation petitions to prospective members requesting initiation fees. To become a member, you must directly contact a lodge.

I hope the foregoing is helpful to you.


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