Masonic Ball

masonic ball-closed

The ornate Masonic ball, pictured above is also known as a golden globe and cross fob, or Masonic orb. It is not for sale. It is to show you all the intricacies and symbolism of a Masonic orb.

It opens into a pendant in the shape of a cross.  It can also be used as a fob for a pocket watch.

There are 6 Pyramids and 24 hand engraved Masonic symbols, 4 symbols per pyramid. 

Many pieces of Masonic Jewelry are 9 karat or 10 karat gold on the outside and gilt on the inside, however this hallmarked and unique piece is 9 karat gold both inside and outside.

When closed, the pendant measures only 5/8 of an inch in diameter (1.6 Cms) and its full drop (when closed) is just short of a full inch in length ( 2.5 Cms). 

It weighs about 4/10 of an ounce (12.41 grams).

masonic ball


Here you see the ornate Hood and O-ring.  The 6 pyramids are still unopened.

masonic ball pendant-fully open


When fully open, the cross measures approximately 1-3/4 inch, (4.5 Cms) in length x 1-3/16 inch (3 Cms) excluding its Hood & 0-Ring. 

In consideration of its diminutive size, the miniscule engraving on each pyramid, and the internal hinge attachments between pyramids which are not visible from the outside, it is obvious that this hand-crafted piece was created by a highly skilled Master goldsmith. 


masonic ball orb


In the foreground pyramid, you can see the Masonic apron as well as other Masonic symbols such as the 2 triangles on the rightmost pyramid, one pointing upward toward the Sky and the other pointed downward toward Earth. 

They are superimposed upon one another to form the Star of David.


masonic ball pendant-closeup

This is a close-up of the center 2 pyramids with their intricate engraving. 


masonic ball pendant-back


This is the reverse side of the Masonic orb pendant.


This Masonic pendant is not for sale.

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