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Lodge Bi-Monthly Breakfast

Our lodge bi-monthly breakfast is regularly scheduled on Saturday morning. By being regularly scheduled, members of our and other lodges can plan to come and eat together as well as they would at any restaurant, and it acts as an informal social meeting, a fundraiser, and a good/cheap breakfast. Everyone wins.

We serve basics. That is, good bacon or sausage, eggs (scrambled but we'll also fry some up on request), oatmeal (made from scratch), pancakes (sometimes corn pancakes or with fruit as affordable), and orange juice or coffee.

None of those things are very expensive and, at $7.00 a person, it's great. Plenty of folks will drop in a whole $10.00 and we make even more! The best part is, whatever is left over (raw bacon/sausage, eggs, dry oatmeal, pancake mix) will make it just fine to the next breakfast event.

Simon: This is a great idea not only to raise funds, but it also promotes fellowship! Thanks for sharing.

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