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Free Masonic Images
and Graphics

Masonic clip art goes hand in hand with Masonic education.

Masonic symbols and graphics are best learned by seeing them in frequent use.

Use this Masonic clip art index to find Masonic web graphics from Masonic websites.

Mosaic Pavement


Masonic Clip Art Directory - This page contains links to several thousand Masonic symbols, as well as logos for the various appendant bodies such as DeMolay, Rainbow Girls, Eastern Star, Shrine, etc.

There is a wide selection to choose from.

I encourage you to begin using these Masonic images and logos to assist you with the Masonic education of the brethren in your lodge.

Possible lodge uses include:

  • Masonic lodge websites
  • Lodge Newsletters
  • Officer Installation Announcements
  • Program Handouts
  • Lodge Function Invitations
  • Masonic Business Cards (very handy when you attend Annual Communication)
  • Masonic Greeting & Sympathy Cards

Dan's Collection of Masonic Clip Art

- Use his dropdown to access multiple sites containing Masonic clip art.

Masonic Emblems in .EPS format



High Resolution Masonic Clip Art - (.tif - TIFF format)

All Black & White Squares and Compasses for both PC & Mac

All Black & White:  Squares & Compasses, Shrine, Masonic Tools, & Other


Color images for newsletters, wallpapers and card making.


Index of print quality images. Awesome Masonic Architecture images,
Masonic cursors for Windows OS, Symbols and more.



Misc.images in both Color and B&W.

Color and animated Masonic clipart

Sam B. Crawford's Clipart

Very nice selection of Images for Masonic organizations (mostly in color), lodge-oriented backgrounds, lodge symbols (mostly in color). Slow loading. Be patient.

S & C, Shrine, Tools, Other

Over 900 Masonic graphics.  S&C, Master Mason, Eastern Star, Misc.


Animated eyeball and revolving Squares and Compasses



Moving Masonic images on a Past Master Symbol Masonic background. Includes Music (We've Only Just Begun).  Download the new or the old version of this Masonic background image.



Please respect Masonic Clip Art copyrights.  If in doubt, please contact the owner of the website and request permission to use these images.  Please read the disclaimers on each individual website for more information.

To save a specific image, select it and then press the right mouse button and select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As", depending on your browser.  Then, save it onto your hard drive.

Image resizing can be accomplished using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw or shareware programs for Microsoft Windows such as  L-View Pro and Graphics Workshop...any of which will perform the task very nicely.


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