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A Masonic End - Gallows Humor

As a man was standing on the gallows, his executioner asked if he had any last words.

"Yes," the man replied "I hate Masons."

The executioner was surprised by this and asked "Why do you hate Masons? They do much good in our world."

The condemned man said, not hiding his anger, "They are killing me. The man who turned me in is a Mason; the cop that arrested me is a Mason; the prosecuting attorney that tried me is a Mason' the jury that convicted me were all Masons; and the judge that sentenced me to hang is a Mason.

That is why I hate Masons!"

"I see." said the executioner. "Are you ready to proceed?"

"Yes." said the man with sadness in his voice.

"O.K. Then you will advance one regular step with the left foot...."

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