Masonic Ads

Would you like to place Masonic ads for Masonic products onto

Due to time constraints, I regret that this website is unable to offer individual Masonic advertising placement to Masonic vendors.

The ads you see on this website from other Masonic vendors are placed onto our pages by Google.

If you sell Masonic products and would like to promote your items on this website or onto a specific page on this website, Google offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads which you can place onto this site.

With Google's PPC, you simply write your own text and you only pay when visitors click on it.

Google AdWords also offers statistical information to help vendors find high traffic websites within specific niches on which to place their keyword focused ads.

Take a look at the Google ads at the top of most of our pages to get an idea of the ad format and wording.

To get started, go to Google Adwords and follow the directions on their page.

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