Master Mason Quiz


This Master Mason Quiz may be used by any member of the Lodge who seeks more light. 


While it is the duty of the Master of the Lodge to provide a good and wholesome education to the brethren; individual members who seek more light and Masonic lodge Education Officers may also use this Masonic quiz to teach others.

Masonic quiz taking can be both fun and enlightening, wherein each brother goes away from the Masonic Education meeting knowing his time has been well spent. 

Lodge Education Officers:  Print multiple copies of both the questions and the answers, below, to easily and quickly perform your duties of providing Masonic education to the new members of the brethren at your next lodge education meeting.

Take this Master Mason Quiz to test your knowledge of the Masonic third degree of Freemasonry  to refresh your memory about this degree.

Scroll all the way to the end for Answers to the quiz.   You may wish to print them on a separate piece of paper, should you wish to use the quiz in your Masonic education training classes.   

Master Mason Quiz
20 Questions

Test your Masonic Knowledge!



1.  What stage of Life does this degree represent?

     a.  Youth

     b.  Manhood

     c.  Middle Age

     d.  Age


2.  What does this degree symbolize?

     a. Culmination of your Masonic career

     b. Symbolizes man’s domination over man

     c. Victory over death and immortality of the soul

     d. Mortality of the soul


3. What are you reminded of at your reception at the door?

    a. Reminded of all the lessons of Freemasonry

    b. Reminded of the tenets of Freemasonry

    c. Reminded of your obligation

    d. Reminded of your previous degrees


4. What is considered the heart of this Degree?

    a. Entry into the Lodge

    b. The Sprig of Acacia

    c. Placement of Lodge Officers

    d. Your Obligation


5. What is a clandestine Lodge?

   a. A Lodge located in another state

   b. A Lodge without its own building

   c. A Lodge not in session

   d. A Lodge not issued a Charter from a Grand Lodge


6. What is meant by the term “Dotage”?

    a. A young man who is uninformed

    b. The condition in which you were expected to be found

    c. A diminished state of mind

    d. The loss of membership by the vote of the Lodge


7.  What is a Libertine?

     a.   One who believes in Liberty for all

     b.   One who acts without moral restraints

     c.   A medal worn by Lodge Officers

     d.   The sword at the Tilers Door


8.  What do Signs, Tokens and Words mean to a Mason?

      a.   Methods of recognition

      b.   Symbols of Officers rank

      c.   The language of Freemasonry

      d.   The rewards that a Free Mason can expect to receive


9.  Who was Hiram Abif?

      a.   King Solomon’s son

      b.   A tent designer and builder

      c.   King David’s nephew

      d.   The Widow’s Son worthy of imitation


10.  What is taught by the use of the Three Ruffians?

        a.   Rewards can not be attained by illicit means

        b.   Rewards can be attained by illicit means

        c.   Good things always come in threes

        d.   The three principle stages of life


11. What is the Masonic definition of “Low Twelve”?

       a.   Midnight

       b.   Noon

       c.   The number of Lodge Officers

       d.   The number of Craftsmen


12.  What do the points of fellowship promote?

       a.   Love and Hope

       b.   Peace and Harmony

       c.   Fidelity and Unity

       d.   Charity and Forgiveness


13.  Who was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah?

       a.   Boaz

       b.   Hiram Abif

       c.   King Solomon

       d.   Moses


14.  What does the Sprig of Acacia represent?

        a.   Immortality

        b.   Honesty

        c.   Charity

        d.   Truth


15.  What does ‘The All Seeing Eye” represent?

        a.   Sanctum Sanctorum

        b.   Holy of Holies

        c.   Lodge of Master Masons

        d.   Deity


16.  What are the rights of a Master Mason?

        a.   Masonic Relief, Masonic Visitation and Funeral Rites

        b.   Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

        c.   Masters Wages

        d.   Masonic Charity


17.  Who can establish Masonic Law?

        a.   The District Deputy Grand Master

        b.   The Worshipful Master

        c.   Any Master Mason

        d.   The Grand Lodge


18.  What is the principle working tool of a Master Mason?

       a.   The Level

       b.   The Plumb

       c.   The Compass

       d.   The Trowel


19.  How many Master Masons constitute a Lodge of Master Masons?

       a.    3

       b.    5

       c.    7

       d.    9


20.  Who are they?

        a.   The Worshipful Master, Tiler and Secretary

        b.   The Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior

        c.   The Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior

        d.   The Worshipful Master, Senior and Junior




 Master Mason Quiz Answers












































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