Masonic Grievance Committee

Each Lodge's Masonic Grievance Committee may have slightly different rules.  It is most wise to obtain a copy of the Grand Lodge Constitution and By-Laws from your specific state or country.

However, as a general rule, the following applies:

The Masonic Grievance Committee is comprised of 3-5 men designated by the Worshipful Master.  These brothers are usually Past Masters (in good standing) of the lodge.

If a lodge does not have a sufficient number of active Past Masters, the committee may include Master Masons in good standing.

Due to the experience of the Past Masters, many problems can be rectified and resolved in a peaceful and harmonious manner.

No matter what the organization, conflicts do occur.  This group works as an intermediary to resolve the conflicts which any brother or brethren may have with one another or the lodge, itself.

Any member of the brethren who has a grievance against another member(s) within the lodge, should contact a member of this team toward receiving a fair and equitable solution to his issue.

Once brought before them, it is the duty of this group, whether alone or in tandem, to speak in the tenderest manner with both parties to understand each side of the conflict.  After the committee is in possession of both sides of the issue, they will attempt to resolve it in a fair and impartial manner to relieve both parties of any acrimonious (angry) or ongoing hard feelings.

While this is not always a coveted or an easy job, the duties of this Committee plays an important part within all lodges to restore peace and harmony within its walls.


If your lodge has not taken steps to institute this committee, you may wish to discuss both your grievance and the necessity of this committee with your Worshipful Master, as it is his duty to appoint, train and oversee their work.

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