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Heir of Locket from Southern Masonic Female College

by Helen
(Cary, NC)

Masonic Locket Front

Masonic Locket Front

This locket was awarded to my great-great-great grandmother, Hattie Elizabeth Ingalls, when she graduated from the Southern Masonic Female College at Covington, GA in 1860.

She was 15, and was one of 3 students (out of 10 in her class) to receive a locket for graduating with honors.

The locket is more than 14 karat solid gold (not plated), probably 18, although I think my mom told me once that it was 22. At it's widest points, it measures just over 1" x 1".

The face of the locket shows a beehive with bees buzzing around it, and has a double border around the edges.

The back of the locket has the same border, but shows a masonic apron (lambskin) with the Square and Compass in the large portion and the all seeing eye in the upper portion.

Inside, it is engraved:
Left side:
S. M. F. College
P. B. Jones Pres

Right Side
Miss H.E. Ingalls
First Degree

This locket has been handed down to the eldest daughter for generations. I would never part with it, but am curious as to whether other such lockets exist and what it's value might be. We all have worn it proudly, so it is a bit scratched.

What an heirloom piece this Masonic locket is! Does anyone else have one like it or similar?

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Feb 12, 2014
Grandmother Attended Southern Masonic Female College
by: Ray Hall

My maternal grandmother, Leila Cebell Pace, attended this college. Her parents were W.H.C. Pace and Cebell Matthews Carr Pace, and he operated a general mercantile store in Covington.

I do not know whether my grandmother graduated or not, but so far as I know, she never had a locket like this one. She taught school and married Thomas K. Orr and moved to Arkansas.

She was killed in 1936 when a tornado destroyed the home where she lived. near Lockesburg, Arkansas.

Jun 30, 2012
Heirloom Masonic Locket
by: RI Mason

This heirloom Masonic locket is a neat piece, as I have not seen one before. Judging by the condition, I would say it is worth around $600. Very cool, keep it in the family.

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