Masonic Education Website Testimonials


Below are some of the many Masonic Education website testimonials which I have received.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your feedback, encouragement and support of this Masonic education website.  You are the reason that it was built.

I sincerely hope that through using it and working together, we will be able to unveil more Masonic light (Masonic knowledge) spread throughout the world and that Masonic retention numbers grow within each and every lodge.

Yours in the Faith!


Country: South Africa

July 25, 2013

Name: Ernst Neuhoff

Comments: Dear Brother, I want to say to you, well done and keep it up.

RWB Ernst Neuhoff

Country: Canada
Province: Alberta

December 27, 2012

First Name: Ed

Comments: I like your program. It has answered a lot of the questions I have had.

After not being active for several years I am in the process of becoming active again in the Blue, Scottish Rite and Shrine. I recently found my GRAND FATHER, my role model, was a member or the York Rite and I plan to join that as well.


Ed C.

Country: United States
State: Missouri

February 19, 2012

First Name: Ted


Country: Scotland, United Kingdom

July 2, 2011

Comments: Hi,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the website. It has been a great source of information in helping me pursue my ambition to become a Freemason.

Thank you for taking the time to better equip people like me with the knowledge required to begin our journey toward Freemasonry.



Country: United States
State: California

June 5, 2011


Brother Simon,
I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful site. Thanks to the guidance provided here, I have been accepted in my local lodge. I had my investigation done and was voted in by the brothers of the lodge. They are now preparing me for my initiation. Thank you.


Country: Canada

March 7, 2011



I thoroughly enjoyed this interesting web site. I have friends who are Masons and have had conversations about basics, and appreciate the opportunity to take a more in depth look. Thank you for all the work your organization does.

All the best,


Country: Germany

November 30, 2010

Comments: My home Lodge is (removed for privacy), Connecticut. I'm retired and live in Germany, so I do not go to Lodge....I'm relearning things I've forgotten! Your site is G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!! Thanks!


Country: United States

October 28, 2010

Comments: Thank you so much for having a site that is neither conjecture or myth. I am one brother who appreciates other brothers that thirst for a real academic knowledge of the craft.

Richard B

Country: Poland

August 3, 2010

Comments: This is the best site that I have found to learn about the Masonic Lodge.


With Regards,

Patrick R.

Country: India

Jun 23 2010

Comments: I have recently been given the task of Mentoring a Lodge and I find the information given to be very useful. Thanks indeed.


Country: United States


Comments: The site is VERY informative and I just wanted to stop by and say how much it is appreciated!

Bro. K. Bradley, (PHA)  Gulfport, MS


Country: United States

This is the most useful Masonic website that I have found. Extremely well put-together. Many thanks for your efforts.

Henry B.
Worshipful Master
North Carolina


Country:  United States

I truly enjoy your site. I have learned more in depth truths about Freemasonry in the past few days than the past 12 years since I was raised a MM.

Keep up the great work by adding more detail.

Robert T.



Country:  United States

My daughter was recently treated at a Shriner's Hospital in Salt Lake City.  I was so impressed with the quality of care that I want to join the brotherhood.

I would like to be contacted with what I can do to start my journey in freemasonry.

Thank you,

Daniel H.


Country: United States

I just wanted to tell you this is by far the best web site for Masons.  You give a lot of great information.  I just want to say thank you.

So Mote It Be



Country: United Kingdom
Comments: Fraternal greetings from the other side of the pond.

I have just chanced to find your site & must say that on first viewing it is extremely informative; well done on that. A lot of such sites are as cluttered as some of the old books that we study.

I have just been nominated as Mentor for my lodge and am very pleased to find this haven of knowledge.

Good luck for your future and congratulations on an excellent site.

Kind regards

Keith S., IPM
Essex. UK.


As a coach, I always wanted to prepare some simple and easy literature to give to my candidates to get the necessary knowledge about Masonry. Your site made my life so much easier and I am sharing this with my candidates and all the coaches in our lodge. Thank you very much.

Eric H. (California)


Great web site.  I am scheduled to receive my first degree at the end of Jan. and for the last few months have been surfing all the Masonic sites. What you soon learn is that you must sort the wheat from the chaff as there is a lot of chaff out there. You certainly have one of, if not the best site. 

Have a Happy New Year--Dennis

Brother Simon:

I can sum up my feelings about your site in ONE word; POWERFUL

Magic Happens...if you do something!!!

Sincerely & Fraternally,

John S. - (California)


Dear Brother,

Thank you for access to such an awesome site. It should be a must for all Masons. I have shared it with Brethren already. I look forward to visiting again and again. If I didn't have a (deleted for privacy) to go to I would stay reading the rest of the day.. AWESOME!

Manny B. - (California)

Hello Simon,

Thank you for the information regarding your educational website.  I have forwarded this info to our Lodge education officer, and will recommend it to our brethren.

Thank you again for your efforts in Masonic Education.

Very best regards,

Hank H. - (United States)


Hello Simon,

I have had a quick look this morning and it looks great.  I have not opened any attachments (links) as yet, but I like the way you have set it out - a single page of the important stuff with attachments.  Congratulations.  I will pass it on to my members and will fully read your site asap.


Graham H. - (Australia)


Brother Simon,

Our sitting WM has already seized on some of your "Exam" pages and is using them in our "furthering Masonic knowledge" sessions.

I find your site useful and interesting.  When I next update the web sites I maintain I will add your URL to our Links page.

Thank you.
Bob S. - (United States)


Thank you for your service and website.  I've learned more reading articles from your website than I've learned during being a member of my lodge for the past fifteen years.

God Bless you Brother,
Bro. Ron T. - (United States)


Nice website.  I will share it with the brethren in my lodge.

Lee - (United States)


As I was poking around your site, I came across the Bible Presentation page.  We JUST had a brother raised last week and a guest PM presented the Bible to him with this poem. Nobody else knew it, and now we all can.  It is a beautiful message to a new Master Mason.

Thank You.

Dustin T. - (United States)

Hi Simon,

I saw your site and it's very educational. 

A million thanks to you for creating such a great site.  We pretty much know that we all need it.


-B - (United States)


(private information removed)...I have to complement you on it.  Obviously a lot of work and knowledge went in to it, and you deserve congratulations.

Mike F. - (United States)

Hi, Simon,

Very nice web site! 

Jack S. - (United States)

Great Job on this site.  I will be using some of it to do lectures for the lodge.  As Worshipful Master it is always in order to continue to educate the craft.  Will forward site to the brothers.
WM F. - (United States)

Brother Simon,

Visited your web site. Brilliant.

Alec - (U.K.)


You've done an excellent job on your Masonic Education Website. ....we will definitely let our Brethren know about it.

Thank you.

Jeff D. - (United States)



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