World Grand Lodges

Find a Masonic Lodge Near You

Use this list of World Grand Lodges to find a Masonic lodge near you.

Each link, below contains a list of Masonic Grand Lodges around the world.  

If you would like to become a Freemason, but do not know whom to contact, begin by clicking any of the links, to find the Grand Lodge in or closest to your own geographical location.


If your search included any of these or similar words:  masonic grand lodges, masonic lodge websites, masonic lodges, mason lodge in, masonic lodges in, masons lodge, find a masonic lodge near you, or how to find a masonic lodge ...use this list, below to drill down to find a Masonic lodge nearest you.

Find Masonic Lodges:  There are many subordinate Masonic lodges and Freemasons in countries that do not have their own Grand Lodge in the same country in which the subordinate lodges reside.

This is especially true for U.G.L.E. (the United Grand Lodge of England) and for the Grand Lodge of Scotland. 

Over the centuries, both of these Grand Lodges have chartered numerous subordinate lodges in many other countries. 

Grand Lodge Websites

Most Grand Lodge websites have links to the subordinate Masonic lodges within their jurisdictions.  Once you find a list of subordinate lodges in your area, you may contact them, directly.  Many Masonic lodges do not have a website, so If you cannot find a Masonic lodge in your area, contact the Grand Lodge in or closest to your geographical area. and request information about finding a Masonic lodge nearest you. 

  1. On this page, choose and click on the link that you feel best fits  your needs and/or geographic area.  If you cannot find what you're looking for on one link,try another...or check them all.
  2. Once you find the Grand Lodge closest to your area.... click on it.

  3. On the Grand Lodge website, look for links that say:   "Masonic lodges", Provincial lodges, Subordinate lodges or District lodges.

  4. Click on the lodge which is closest to your location to find contact information.

  5. If you cannot find a lodge close to you on the Grand Lodge website, e-mail or call the Grand Lodge for more information about how to find a  Masonic lodge near you.  (In the United States, you may also find a Masonic lodge by looking in the telephone book under "fraternities" or "lodges".

  6. If, after going through the links below, you cannot find a lodge in your country, contact the Grand Lodge in a country close to yours for which you can find a contact e-mail or address and request information about a lodge near you.


Some of the websites, below, include not only regular, but irregular, clandestine, recognized, not recognized, female, mixed, Prince Hall, etc., so please read the information on each website for more details. 



United Grand Lodge of England (U.G.L.E.)

U.G.L.E. Provincial Grand Lodges - England and Wales  - Provinces and District Grand Lodges under U.G.L.E. jurisdiction in England and Wales and around the world)

GL of Scotland:  District Masonic Grand Lodges in different countries which are subordinate to the Grand Lodge of Scotland§ionid=4&id=52&Itemid=132

Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon  -  World Grand Lodges

Supreme Council, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in Bulgaria - Grand Lodges Worldwide

M.I.T. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - World Grand Lodges

M.S.A.N.A. - Masonic Service Association of North America  - U.S. Grand Lodges

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