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Lodge Calendars Fundraiser

We took photos of select lodge buildings and other Masonic buildings in the area, (i.e. Scottish Rite and Shrine) and then sold the calendars to the area lodges and brothers.

A word to the wise. Be prepared to begin selling the calendars in Late September or early October. Start taking photos early in the year and take as many as possible. Attend as many degrees, Scottish Rite Convocations, Shrine Ceremonials, etc. as possible, and sell them during the dinner portion.

Participate in the work. The lodges will appreciate the help and possibly feel more generous when you ask.

Do as much of the graphic design work yourself, as you can as a commercial printing shop will charge extra. Select buildings with many bodies under one roof or large memberships.

If there are not that many lodges in your area try to come up with photos of Masons at work (i.e. group shots after a degree, Shriners in a parade, Scottish Rite Masons dressed for a degree, etc.).

Simon's Reply:

Great idea. Thanks for sharing the details of this Lodge calendars fundraiser with everyone!


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