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Masonic Cemetery in Eureka, California

by Kenneth J. Brink
(Eureka, Ca, US)

I was dropping my wife off at work this morning and across the street was a cemetery where I noticed long upright headstones, much like the monument in Washington D.C..

And then, I noticed that there were several other headstones that looked exactly the same. I thought to myself, "hey, those look like symbols of the Free Mason's."

About that time, I saw a concrete building in the center of the cemetery and I thought "That building looks like a tiny version of Solomon's Temple!"

I have always been interested in the mystique of the Free Mason's. I came home and looked up common free mason headstones and this is where I ended up. Then I saw a headstone in the pictures on this website that looked just like the one I had seen this morning.

WOW! That just reminds me of what I already know about Free Masons. They are every where including a little hillbilly town like Eureka California.

There are all kinds of opinions about the Free Masons and that is why I think they are so interesting.

It was a nice way to start my morning because it gets the wheels in my head ah turning. Pretty cool.

Hi, Kenneth,

Freemasons nor Freemasonry is not nearly as secretive as most people believe. The Freemason fraternity accepts men from all walks of life, from all races, and all major religions.

There are many Masonic cemeteries across the globe.

Here is some information if you are curious to learn more about how to become a Freemason.

There are many other pages on this website devoted to learning more about what Freemasons do, what they believe in and the meanings of our Freemason symbols.

Thanks for writing and sharing, Kenneth!

Yours in the faith,


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