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My Father's Masonic Ring..

by Elli

My Fathers Masonic Ring 1

My Fathers Masonic Ring 1

I have sent four pictures of my father's ring.

Could you please tell me any and everything you know about it if you can.

Thank you ,


Hi Elli,

What an intricate design!

In the first photo, (where the ring is horizontal), the ring displays a square and compasses, which is Freemasonry's logo. On the right side of the square and compasses is a Masonic trowel, which symbolizes brotherly love. The next symbol to the left of the square and compasses which looks like plant leaves is the acacia, which symbolizes immortality.

In the second photo, the ring has a compartment which, when opened has an "E", a "P" and an "R".

The "E" stands for Entered Apprentice, (the first Masonic degree).

The "P" stands for Passed (to the 2nd degree, that of the Fellowcraft).

The "R" stands for Raised (to the 3rd degree, that of the Sublime Degree of Master Mason).

Although I can't see all of the exact dates very well, they are the dates on which your father passed each of the 3 degrees of Freemasonry to become a Master Mason.

For more detailed information about the symbols, themselves, please click on my Site Map to read more about them.

This ring was obviously very special to your father, as were each of the degrees which he memorialized on this, his Master Mason's ring.

Thank you very much for sharing it with everyone and thank you for taking some great photos of it. It made it much easier to help you understand the meaning of "My Father's Masonic Ring".

If anyone else would like to add their thoughts, please just use the contact form and send them to me.

Fiat Lux! (Latin for "Let there be light"!)


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