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Prince Hall books provide an informational and historical background of Masonic education which help to clear up some of the many misconceptions about Prince Hall Freemasonry.

A Prince Hall Masonic Quiz Book
by Joseph A. Walkes, Jr.

Great Black Men of Masonry by Joseph Cox

"On these pages, we meet Presidents of nations, Builders of States, Discoverers and Inventors, Leaders in Governments, Arts, Sciences and Letters.  Men of sterling qualities and ennobling leadership, in war, crisis and peace.  This book offers a key to racial understanding and harmony"...Eli J. Allen, III, Grand Master


Inside Prince Hall

by David L. Gray

Inside Prince Hall provides the most accurate and comprehensive work on Prince Hall Freemasonry to-date.  An interesting combination of scholarly research with fresh critiques of Prince Hall Freemasonry in both its historical and present day contexts.

The maps and charts are especially helpful in understanding the development of Prince Hall Masonry and the arrangements of the ritual, as well as the interrelationships between the various Prince Hall Grand Lodges. 


Negro Masonry in the United States
by Harold V. B. Voorhis

A detailed outline of important issues having to do with the history of the craft among Negro brethren.



Freemasonry in American History

by Allen E. Roberts

A History of Freemasonry Among Negroes in America
by Harry E. Davis

Beginnings of Freemasonry in America
by Melvin Maynard Johnson

Freemasonry among Negroes and whites in America;  A study in Masonic legitimacy and regularity
by Harvey Newton Brown

Light On A Dark subject:  
by William H. Upton

A critical examination of objections to the legitimacy of Masonry existing among the Negroes of America.

A Documentary Account of Prince Hall and Other Black Fraternal Orders

by Henry Wilson Coil

Black Square and Compass:  200 Years of Black Freemasonry

by Joseph A. Walkes
Correlates PHA with modern black history.


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