Past Master Watches

Masonic Symbolism of the Past Master's Jewel

Past Master watches display the Masonic Past Master symbol. These watches may be worn by members who previously or currently have had the honor of holding the position of Worshipful Master of their Lodge.

Past Master Watches shown below contain Past Master symbols as used in the United States.

Masonic Past Master's watch. Masonic Symbol on Duo-Tone Gold & Silver Color Steel Band

Masonic Past Master Pocket Watch - Duo-tone Steel and Gold Color Square and Compass

Past Master Watches


Symbols on Past Master Watches

Past Master's Jewel:

The Sun, Square, Compasses and Quadrant


Sun - The sun (representative of "Perfect Light"), symbolizes the light of Masonic knowledge which was acquired during the Past Master's former position in the East, as Master of the lodge. 

Square - the square teaches a lesson of conduct.  Symbolically, a Mason should "square his actions by the square of virtue."

Compasses - The compass (or compasses) are symbolic of a Freemason making proper use of his moral compass.  The compass (compasses) are opened to an angle of 60 degrees, the significance of such is that 60 degrees is the angle of an equilateral triangle. 

The equilateral triangle has 3 equal length sides and 3 - 60 degree angles.  This is representative of perfect balance, unison and harmony.  The man who wears this jewel has served as Junior Warden in the South, the Senior Warden in the West and has been elected as Master of his lodge in the East. 

Thus, symbolically, he has learned the lessons of Freemasonry as well as the rewards of living a balanced life and keeps his moral compass within due bounds and refrains from allowing his passions to overtake his common sense. 

60 Degrees - The angle of the compasses is open to 60 degrees.  A 60 degree angle is an equilateral triangle.  All sides are of equal length.  Symbolically, the equilateral triangle represents perfect balance.  The 3 sides of the triangle represent that he has served in the south, the west and in the east.  

Quadrant, (may also be called a Sextant)  - The quadrant is a curved bar which connects to the base of the compass.  The quadrant is a tool of complex geometry and is marked in degrees.  These degrees symbolize that the former Master of the lodge possesses an advanced "degree" of knowledge.  

A sextant is a navigational tool used to determine location.  It measures altitude.  Symbolically, a Past Master is capable of charting a course of travel for his lodge.  Each Past Master is also capable of assisting with lodge matters, should he be called upon to do so by his successors.


The following is quoted from the Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, by Albert G. Mackey, 33° and Charles T. McClenaghan, 33°, Revised Edition by Edward L. Hawkins 30° and William J. Hughan, 32°  - 1920


"The jewel of a Past Master in the United States is a pair of compasses extended to sixty degrees on the fourth part of a circle, with a sun in the center.

In England, it was formerly the square on a quadrant, but is at present the square with the forty-seventh problem of Euclid engraved on a silver plate suspended within it.

The French have two titles to express this degree.  They apply Maitre passe to the Past Master of the English and American system, and they call in their own system one who has formerly presided over a Lodge an Ancien Maitre.  The indiscriminate use of these titles sometimes leads to confusion in the translation of their rituals and treatises".


...End of Quote


Past Master symbols seen on Past Master watches and other Masonic jewelry vary somewhat around the world. 

United States

In the United States, the Past Master’s Symbol includes the Sun, Compasses, Square and Quadrant. 


The Grand Lodge of Scotland's Past Master's Jewel includes the Compasses and the arc of a circle, but does not include the Sun. 


In Ireland, the Past Master's symbol includes the Compasses, the Square and the Letter 'G' in the center.


In England, the Past Master's jewel includes the Compasses and the symbol for the 47th Proposition of Euclid which hangs from the angle.


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