Senior Warden

Duties of the Masonic Lodge's
Senior Warden

Masonic Level


The Senior Warden sits in the West and represents the column of strength which is representative of Jachin, the right-hand pillar which stood at door to King Solomon's Temple.

Masonic Level

Jewel of Office:  His jewel of office is a Level, a symbol of the equality which exists among the Craft while at labor in the Lodge.

The term Warden is derived from the Middle English word "Wardein" and from the Anglo-French word, circa the 13th Century, "Gardein", meaning guard or guardian. 

The definition of the word Warden has many different meanings in today's world, however its basic meaning is one having care of or being in charge of something with supervisory duties or with the enforcement of specified laws or regulations.

In Masonic terminology, he is the second Officer within the Masonic Blue Lodge.  He presides over the Craft during the hours of labor. 

The Senior Warden's primary duty is to assist the Worshipful Master in opening and closing the Lodge.   In the absence of the Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden presides over the Lodge.



Senior Warden's Duties:

1. Assist the Worshipful Master in the performance of his duties.

2. To discharge all those duties which ancient usage has assigned to
    his position.

3. During the absence of the Master,  succeed to and be in charge
    with all the powers of the Master.

4. To be responsible for the mentoring of all new candidates by
     selecting competent Masonic education mentors.

5. To insure that all candidates are progressing at a reasonable rate.

6. To serve as Committee Chairman or member of the Lodge's principle

7. To prepare the calendar for his own year as Master and set goals,
     create a well-thought out list of members to head up each of the
     Masonic lodge's committees. during his tenure as Master.

8. To consider Officer appointments for his year as Master and ask
     members to serve in these positions.

9. To consider membership goals for the next year.

10. To attend the Grand Lodge Annual Communication.

11. To attend all Lodge functions and communications.

12. To attend the District Schools of Instruction.

13. After receiving the Lodge's Audit, which is prepared by the
      Audit Committee, it is his duty to request that the Budget Committee
      prepare an estimated budget for his own year as Master.

14. To prepare the Trestleboard items as required
       by the Master.


As in all positions, there are many unwritten duties that will occur depending upon the Lodge and the Master. 

However, the early efforts that you put into your position as Senior Warden will make your tenure in the East much easier and go much more smoothly.

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