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Grandfather's Masonic Ring

by Kayle

Hello! I have found my Grandfather's Masonic ring while moving some furniture.

I knew he was a member, as I have bits and pieces of his uniform, his lapel pins, cuff links, family sword, Masonic embossed bible or fraternity bible, if you will, and a few other odds and ends including this ring.

I want to know more about it, and being as that Masonic brothers are very private, I am not likely to get answers face to face.

I know for fact this ring is no younger than late 40's because by the late 50's, he had passed away.

My father has held onto these pieces but with age has become negligent in keeping them housed well.

I have confirmed with him the last rank he recalls was in the 40's and he was a 32nd Past Master or something, but he remained a member until his death, so there were about 7-9 years lost in his history with the masons.

And plenty of time to rank up before his passing. I come before all of you today to ask if you have any information available about this ring. I do not know its worth nor do I know anyone who can historically help me.

I will include a picture and if you have any information you are willing to submit, it would be forever appreciated.

A brief description is it is gold 10k and a branding of CH on the inside of the band. These are NOT his initials, so anyone's guess is better than mine.

It has diagonal ripples in the gold. The center is black oynx(?) or a black stone of sorts.

It has the ruler and protector square as they call it, with a diamond on the elbow of the protector.

The "G" inside of the protruding part and the ruler has a hole for perhaps another diamond? And then on either side of the center point, there are simple triangles with points facing toward the back of the band and bigger diamonds in the middle of those triangles. I will attach a picture.

Thank you to anyone who can provide any info. It is greatly appreciated.


Hi Kayle,

Your photo was not attached, so, unfortunately, I cannot be very specific about your Grandfather's ring. If you would like to submit the picture, please use the form, again.

Records from 70 years ago may or may not still be available, however if you wish to know more about which lodge your grandfather was a member of and which degrees he attained, you may call the Grand Lodge of California (assuming your grandfather was a member of a lodge in that state). Give them your grandfather's full name, birth date and preferably his lodge name if you know it. (You might be able to ask your father.) The Grand Lodge may be able to give you a few dates, such as the year he was Master of the lodge, and when he attained each of his 3 degrees.

Thanks for writing, Kayle. Good luck to you in finding out more about your Grandfather's Masonic ring and the man who wore it.


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