Masonic Lodge Secrets

Masonic lodge secrets are much sought after by those who are not members of the fraternity.

Masonic Lodge Secrets

However, the Freemason secret is much easier to decipher than most people would believe.

Masonic Secrets in the Masonic Lodge

If you see a man who is wearing a Masonic lapel pin, a set of Masonic cufflinks or Masonic jewelry...he is most probably a Mason and belongs to one of the thousands of Masonic lodges across the world.

Does this mean he knows the Masonic secrets?  Yes....most probably he does. 

Q:  Why won't he divulge these Masonic signs, the Masonic handshake
      and the Masonic Passwords?

A:  He is an honorable man.  He promised upon his word to keep them

Q:  How can I find out these Masonic secrets?

A: If you are an honorable man; you might want to learn about how to
    become a Freemason.


Masonic Passwords

While many people falsely believe that possessing the Masonic passwords are the keys that will unlock all of the Masonic secrets,... however, in truth, these Masonic passwords can be likened more to an ancient formality which the Freemason fraternity strives to maintain. 

Q:  If I am not a Freemason, but possess the Masonic passwords, will I be
      able to get into a Masonic lodge and learn their Masonic secrets?

A:  It is highly doubtful.  The reason is that Freemasonry is a brotherhood
     of men, most of whom have long term ties to their lodge and their
     lodge brothers. 

Think of it this way,... if you have a football uniform and show up at the door to the locker room of one of the National football teams, the security guard...(we call him a Tiler),... would ask for your credentials, (your Masonic password) for admittance. 

If you know the password, you might gain entrance, but once inside, if you are unknown to the Coach,...(we call him the Worshipful Master); he is going to test you to determine your authenticity.

In other words, if you knock on the door, are somehow able to prove your false authenticity, and do gain admittance, should be ready and able to play football. If you are not ready, the Coach will not let you suit up.

The true "key to the lock" of Masonic lodge secrets is when a man becomes a Freemason.

Is Ritual One of The Masonic Lodge Secrets?

Masonic Ritual

Q:  I have heard that Masonic Ritual is one of the Masonic lodge secrets. 
      Is it?

A:  Yes.

Q:  What happens during Masonic ritual?

A:  Much of Masonic ritual is based upon the Holy Scriptures.  Once the
     Holy Scriptures become more meaningful to you, you will see that
     Masonic ritual is a method of inculcating (teaching) their values. 

Freemasonry is not a part of any specific religion.  In fact, believing in a Supreme Being is one of its qualifications in most jurisdictions around the world. 

Freemasonry is about spiritual enlightenment, brotherly love, relief and charity to those who are misfortunate. 

It is a group of men who wish to give back to others, as God intended us to do.  

Once a man becomes a member and understands its true purposes, the few Masonic lodge secrets are not as important to Freemasons as the spirituality felt during the Masonic ritual and the emotional and social benefits of having "brothers" who believe in your worth.

Freemason Ritual

Freemason Degree Ritual

Q:  Is Freemason degree ritual a secret,...and, what exactly is degree

A:  Freemason degree ritual, is, indeed, a secret. 

There are 3 degrees within Freemasonry, Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. 

Masonic degree ritual is about bringing a new candidate from darkness (their old ways which may not be pleasing to the Creator) to light (walking in harmony with other men who attempt to please God by their actions in life).  The actual ritual is performed in play form and as such, is quite dramatic. 

In the ritual, with the help of other men, a man turns away from his grievous past ways and is reborn to seek the light which our Creator desires for us.


Freemason Code Books

Freemason Code Books

Q:  Are Freemason Code Books part of the Masonic lodge secrets? 

A:  Yes. 

Q:  What is in these code books?

A:  They contain parts of the ritual which is several hundred years old. 
     However, even if you could  read the code boo,... without going
     through the  physical ceremonial ritual to become a Master Mason, the
     words within the book can be very confusing and not very helpful
     toward understanding the meaning of each degree in its entirety. 

This might best be likened to viewing the musical notes of a song sheet compared to hearing the song sung.

Secret Handshakes

Masonic Secret handshakes (also called Freemason grips)

Q:  Why are these Freemason handshakes part of their Masonic lodge

A:  Freemasonry is an ancient fraternity of men, whose lodge symbolically
     represents King Solomon's Temple in biblical times. 

Like Solomon's Temple, only those who are pure of heart and who seek enlightenment in the principles our Creator has set down for us in the Holy Scriptures are allowed to enter the Masonic Temple.

Secrets of Freemasons

For a deeper understanding of Masonic lodge secrets, you may wish to read more from the pages, below.

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