Antique Masonic Jewelry

Antique Masonic Jewelry

Gold Masonic Pendant

Photo Collection of Antique and Vintage
Masonic Jewelry
Sent in By Visitors NOT FOR SALE

To view photos of antique Masonic jewelry sent in by visitors to this site, click on any of the hyperlinks in the list. The jewelry viewed on these links is NOT FOR SALE.

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Many of these are over 100 years old and quite intricately designed.

If you own some inherited Masonic jewelry and are curious about the symbols on it, most of these pages have responses by me and other visitors discussing the symbol meaning on each of them.

Ostby Barton Master Mason Ring Masonic Mosaic Jewelry

Masonic Fob with Chain Masonic Pin
My Father's Masonic Ring

Scottish Rite
Scottish Rite Jewelry
York Rite and Scottish Rite Pendant
Antique Scottish Rite Ring
Tri-Fold Gold Masonic Scottish Rite Fob with Diamond Engraving Inlays

Knights Templar and Shrine Pendants
Knights Templar Jewelry

Masonic Pendant HTWSSTKS

Shrine Shriner Masonic Claw Pin

Eastern Star
Order of the Eastern Star WP Pendant

Masonic Ball/Orb Pendants
Masonic Ball Masonic Orb Pendant Masonic Fob
(See also Masonic Ball)

Other Masonic Jewelry
Heir of Locket from Southern Masonic Female College - 1860

I hope you enjoyed viewing these antique Masonic jewelry pieces.  You are welcome to make further comments about any of this jewelry on each respective page on which I've provided a form in order for you to do so, however, this page is closed to further new questions about any inherited jewelry which you own.


If you would like to link to this page, or share it on Social Media, feel free to do so. 



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