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Become a Masonic Ambassador

Why do Freemasons wear Masonic shirts,...and what is a Masonic Ambassador, you ask?

I talk a lot about Masonic retention on this website, however Masonic member retention and growth can only be accomplished after members join your lodge and find what one of the most important things that Freemasonry offers a man is a network of friendship with other like-minded men.

Masonic Lodge Growth

Masonic lodge membership growth does not begin at the Grand Lodge level nor at the lodge level. 

It begins with you.  (and me)

Just like our working symbol, the Masonic beehive of industry signifies...each bee in the hive has an obligation to actively promote the interests of their hive. 

Each Freemason is Freemasonry's ambassador to the outside world of non-Freemasons.

Along with Masonic education, this immensely powerful working tool of the fraternity, has unfortunately, become nearly forgotten as a viable method of Masonic growth.

Working together, we can change that.


Masonic Growth Through Advertising

Like any other organization, whether it be your local gas station or an international corporation like McDonalds, growth is best accomplished by advertising.

Am I saying that each lodge needs to take out ads in the newspaper or television to promote Masonic growth?

No.  But, let's think about lodge advertising for a moment...

Q: Why do you stop at a specific gas station to fuel your vehicle?

A:  It's not because the pumps are easier to use or the station has a canopy over the pumps to protect us from the weather elements. 

Q:  Is it because the station is the closest one to your home?

A:  Not necessarily.

Q:  So, why do you stop at a specific gas station to fill up?

A:  It's because they have a big SIGN promoting their gasoline price. 

Q:  If they didn't have that big sign, would you drive to several stations each day... park the car, get out, go in and ask the clerk how much gasoline costs?

A:  Perhaps, but I doubt it.  Their sign advertises their offering.  This creates a Win-Win situation.  Their sign saves you a lot of time having to stop in and ask their price.  Their sign creates business growth for the gas station.  The same holds true for Masonic membership growth.


Masonic shirts are not only one of the best ways to let the world know how proud you are to be a Freemason; they are the easiest way to advertise what Freemasonry offers.  They are your Masonic SIGN to promote the benefits of Freemasonry.

Every successful organization in the world advertises to promote their product.

Q:  Why does McDonalds spend all that money constructing
    "Golden Arches" that rise high into the sky?

A:  They know you will be able to see them from the Freeway ...and they also know that if you miss seeing them, your children will quickly call them to your attention.

That is Great Marketing....and all organizations take marketing very seriously

Burger King has a "King".  Goodyear has a blimp. Budweiser has their famous Clydesdale team of horses, T-Shirts, beer coolers and even talking lizards!  

The list is endless...but my point here is that in order to create Masonic growth, each Freemason should act as a Masonic Ambassador of your lodge to the world of non-Freemasons,...and each of us must advertise what Freemasonry has to offer.


A Masonic Ambassador is each individual Master Mason who believes in what the fraternity stands for and who proactively and consciously works to be a visible and identifiable force in giving back to the lodge a portion of what they receive from membership in their lodge. 

Themed Masonic shirts display a unified fraternal pride at public functions and Masonic events such as fundraisers, special lodge events, charity events, open meetings, family functions and others.

If a visitor visited your lodge during such a public function and each member was wearing Masonic emblem clothing, that visitor immediately feels the unity of brotherhood. 

Masonic Ambassadors Club

Each Masonic Ambassador advertises his pride in our fraternity, where he has found a special brotherhood.  He advertises the spiritual, social and intrinsic need within all human beings to become a part of something bigger than themselves. 

As Masonic Ambassadors, we simply attempt to help other travelers just like you find Freemasonry's true light during their life's journey.

Masonic Shirts and Other Masonic Apparel

Each time you wear your Masonic apparel, such as a Masonic jacket, Masonic T-shirts, cool Masonic caps or any other Masonic emblem clothing, ... they invite questions from non-Masons who are curious about Freemasonry and may ask you about it.

While you are standing in line at the fast food restaurant, the grocery store, your children's sports event and at other places where people congregate, you are your lodge's Masonic ambassador.

When people ask about your Masonic apparel, this is an excellent opportunity to be able to tell them a little bit about your lodge.

Masonic shirts, especially, provide an easy conversation starter begun by non-members who may have an interest in joining.


Wearing Masonic shirts or custom logo Masonic caps is more than just showing your pride in the fraternity. 

It is one of the few ways within the 2-B-1-Ask-1 system in which each individual member can personally contribute to proliferating their own lodge's membership numbers. 


Masonic Shirts Invite Questions

Be Prepared:    

There is no need to become tongue-tied when a prospective member asks you about your shirt, here is the easiest response, when asked about the fraternity.

"I'm a member of a lodge here in town which promotes charity in the community." 

Masonic Charity:  If the non-member wants to know more, simply tell them about a few of the many charitable acts that your lodge performs as well as the social fellowship that you enjoy.

Lodge Location and Meeting Times:  You might also tell them where your lodge is located and how many times a month you meet.

Lodge Tour:
  Many people are curious about Freemason lodges.  If the non-member is curious or has an interest in joining, invite them to your lodge at refreshment time and give them a tour of the lodge so they can meet your other lodge members.

It is as easy as that!


Each of us, working together, become a living force to proactively promote our own individual lodge's growth.  In so doing, we each reap the benefits of which we are deserving and are able to expand our own network of friendships.  

Q:  Will Masonic shirts do all that?

A:   Masonic shirts and Masonic emblem clothing are probably the easiest and most passive advertisement of your pride in the fraternity which is available.

Yours in the Faith!


Feel free to link to this website to help others among the brethren grow in their Masonic knowledge.

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