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Why donate?  Simon wants to pro-actively spend his time directly helping lodge brothers learn about Freemasonry by continually creating new, "Fast-Track", (easy-to-read) "Fat-Free" (non-verbose, non-wordy) information pages on this website --- always with the primary intention of "providing A Good and Wholesome Instruction" to assist lodges build Masonic retention. 


This website attempts to:

1.  Eliminate:  The immense duplication of time each of the brethren
     must spend searching through Freemasonry's many books to find
     every-day, usable knowledge which can be quickly imparted
     (Fast Track) and taught to the brethren.

2.  Eliminate:  The difficulty in finding "Fat Free" (non-verbose, non-wordy)
     Masonic education.

3.  Eliminate:  The expense to each member of the brethren in having to
     purchase each of these many books, separately,... or wade through
     your lodge library in search of the correct ones.


If you have read any of the condensed pages on this website, you are, no doubt, aware that most of them require an enormous amount of time.  In fact, each single page on this website requires between 3-7 full days performing the following:

1.  Researching and reading the many, many books about Freemasonry.

2.  Distilling out the important facts. 

3.  Cross referencing the information with its biblical (Bible) history
     (and other holy books, where possible).

4.  Compiling, editing (and re-editing) those facts into a "Fast-Track",
     "Fat-Free" and printable body of knowledge which is immediately
      useful for everyone...from the new candidate to the Worshipful
      Master, from lodge officers to lodge committee members
      ...and most especially to assist the Education Officer in his duties.

5.  Each page is written with the primary goal in mind of increasing
     Masonic retention via Masonic education.

6.  ...and only then, is it published onto the web.

Masonic Retention:

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