What Is The Best Thing You Like About
Being a Freemason?


What is the best thing you like about being a Freemason? 

I asked this question and requested that our members tell me what they liked about the fraternity and why they remain as a member.

The comment form on this page is now closed to new responses, however if you would like to know their answers, they are below.

Freemasonry has many 50 year members, 20 year members and lots of brand new members.


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The question was... What is the best thing you like about being a Freemason? 



What Other Visitors Have Said

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Ive been a Freemason for 47 years. 
I petitioned the lodge because of my great respect for two special men in my life, my grandfather, and the father of my best friend. I wanted to be like …

Moral and Upright Men 
I joined the Masons because I was exposed to them while attending their community dinners and breakfasts in my village. The Masonic members that I …

New Prince Hall Entered Apprentice 
I became a Mason for fellowship and guidance. Now, the knowledge is what I seek. I remember first seeing the symbol as a child and wondering what …

I Was Raised To Be A Master Mason in 2011 At Age 59 
My Masonic journey started very late in life, but my zeal for association with such great men is no less than that of a 20 year old. I enjoy my memory …

I've been a Mason for a year. I enjoy the Craft because of the guidelines and examples we hold for the community. We always help people that can't help …

I joined Freemasonry when I was 30. I've been a Mason for three years. It improves social skills and confidence in more ways than any other social outlet …

I Have Been a Mason for 33 Years 
I Have Been a Mason for 33 Years The truth is, I found God as my salvation in 1961. As a lot of us do, I took my eyes off God for a while. When I …

I Want To Become a Mason 
I want to join Freemason because it is good fraternal organization and they are doing so many good thing for example making the world be a better place, …

Brainwashed by Freemasonry 
I've never been a part of the freemasonry, but I've done a bit of research. I know for a fact that the so called "Masonic Holy Bible" does not derive from …

Not Even A Freemason Yet... 
I have recently petitioned to a local lodge and have been honored to pass the formal interview with a unanimous yes vote. The ballot for my acceptance …

I've Been a Mason One Year 
I have been a Mason for a little better than a year. I think I have missed something. I went through the degrees so fast that I don't know a whole lot …

WHY I BECAME A FREEMASON It started as a curiosity to me. I've been hearing a lot of myths about FREEMASONS. That they were A MYSTICAL, …

Learn About Freemasonry 
I've just become a Mason, or as it is apparently said, "Freemason", and I'm excited to come forth seeking knowledge specifically found in the symbolism …

As a 26 year Mason and 25 year student of Freemasonry, I like Freemasonry because the Holy Bible is the centerpiece of the lodge. It complements my Christian …

It started as a curiosity to me. I've been hearing a lot of myths about FREEMASONS. That they were A MYSTICAL, SECRET SOCIETY. That when you reach the …

Raised to Master Mason July 19, 2014 Not rated yet
Masonry helps good men become better men. I became a Mason to become a better man. I asked a friend who is now the Worshipful Master of my Lodge about …

Third Generation Mason Not rated yet
I got the feeling that finally, I found here the way to work on myself with all the freedom I need. Working this way, I understood what Brotherhood …

I am a Mason for about 10 years Not rated yet
Freemasonry teach you the truth, make you enlighten.

From Demolay to Master and Past Master Not rated yet
Becoming a mason is the pinnacle of progression... as it pertains to Spirituality, Manhood and Life. It is the map to Self success, with the Bible …

Just became a Fellowcraft. EA:1/15/14, FC:4/7/14 Not rated yet
Much of history from 1719 forward is rooted in Masonry. Men such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere all walked this path. I find …

I Have Been a Mason for 63 Years Not rated yet
I was raised a mason in 1951 by my father. My grandfather, my sons, my grand sons are and were Masons. while I was forced to pursue my efforts to raise …

I'm A Newly Raised Master Mason. Not rated yet
I joined the Masons because both my Grandfathers were Masons and they were two of the best men I've ever known. I strive everyday to show the same …

I've Been a Mason for 7 Years Not rated yet
I’ve been a mason for 7 years and sometimes I often ask myself why I continued into a fraternity which those family men before me talked so highly about …

2nd Degree Fellowcraft Mason  Not rated yet
My name is Jason Ray Lusk. I am a 2nd degree Fellowcraft Mason from Beckley WV, Lodge No.95. The reason I petitioned to become a Freemason is because …

Raised July 14, 2011 Not rated yet
I became a Mason to honor my father and what he stood for... I am a fourth generation Mason. I belive that I have honored my father, and now I am honoring …

Just Became a Mason Not rated yet
I've met several Masons thru the years and always been interested in the organization. I always said someday when I had the time to devote to it, I'd …

I've Been a Mason for 4 Years Not rated yet
It gives me confidence in being myself...surrounded, respected, and appreciated by men (most older than myself), I get a sense of belonging to a community …

Brand New E.A. in Texas Not rated yet
Hello Brothers, Just this past week, I joined Brooklyn Lodge in TX. I have to say that my heart pounded at points during my initiation ceremony, as …

Why Become a Freemason? Not rated yet
Why did I become a Freemason? I was certainly impressed by men I knew to be Masons, including my father and two of my brothers. My father died before …

I've been a Master Mason For 3 Years  Not rated yet
I have been a Master Mason for 3 years... since 9/10/2010. I like the fellowship and the charity work the fraternity does. I have already obtained …

Brotherly Love and Affection Not rated yet
I came to Freemasonry at a time when I was unsure of my future and the boost of self-confidence I got by being accepted as a brother by my parent's peers, …

Brand New E.A.  Not rated yet
I wanted to be in a fraternal order. I looked at several: Elks, Moose, Odd Fellows, the usual culprits. OF were rather novel, but once novelty wears …

I Just Became a New Mason Not rated yet
It took awhile to get in. I predominantly came in for the schooling. The lessons were of interest. The positive reinforcement was a plus and I never expected …

I felt the urge to be a member of some sort of society for years- for friendship, activities, to 'conspire' together to accomplish good works, all this …

12 Years as a Mason Not rated yet
After 12 years as a Mason, here are some of the things I like: 1. The brotherhood. 2.The charity work that is done. 3.The different degrees …

I Just Became a Master Mason. Not rated yet
I just became a Master Mason at King Solomon Temple Parktown Germiston The total sense of RESPECT and Brotherly Love. Show me any other place you can …

A Different Way to See the World Not rated yet
As a person of character, I like to surround myself with people who have like-minded virtues. Becoming a Freemason is a rewarding experience and I encourage …

I Have Been a Mason Just Over 42 Years Not rated yet
Through my journey through apprentice to craft, then finally, Master Mason, I enjoy the wisdom I receive in order to live my life in the smallest aspect. …

Been a Mason for 10 Years Not rated yet
The brotherly love, honesty and true friendship can be found in the lodges, and in this day and age of corruption, violence and anarchy, it is a …

I Have Been a Mason for a Year Not rated yet
Hi everyone, My name is Fabian Perez, and I have been a Mason for one year. I really enjoy being a part of this great fraternity because all I have …

Always Admired & Idolized My Late Grandfather
who was a Freemason
 Not rated yet
I first gazed upon my grandfather's huge photograph of him wearing his Masonic apron along with the symbols on them & with a sash has fascinated me …

The brothers that you meet are all of a like mind. They have the same goals, they are all good people and a joy to know

My First Year As A Freemason Not rated yet
I spent many years reading online about Freemasonry and just never took that 1st step. I didn't know anyone that was a Mason to ask so I didn't bother. …

I Just Became a Master Mason 3 Weeks Ago Not rated yet
I joined back in December. I asked my dad about 10 years ago and he said that he would be happy if I joined and I love the brotherly love and fellowship …

Past Grand Master
and 35-year member
 Not rated yet
I am a Past Grand Master and 35 year member of the Freemason fraternity. Following is a shortened version of my speech to candidates that I used while …

29 Years as a Freemason Not rated yet
Ive been a Mason for 29yrs and I had my trying days in the first years of my being a Master. Yet, since that time, in my 29 years as a Freemason, I have …

I Joined the Masons in 1964 Not rated yet
I joined the Masons in 1964. My Father and Uncle were both Masons and very good living people, so it was very easy for me to see the good in Freemasonry. …

I'VE BEEN A MASON FOR 25 YEARS Not rated yet

I Just Became a Mason Not rated yet
The overwhelming feeling I get the more I study and perfect my lesson can not be described with words. I have made so many friendships with good people. …

I've Been a Mason for 4 years... Not rated yet
I've been a Mason for 4 years and I love it! I like that it helps me to remember to treat others as equals. It helps me to keep a charitable mindset and …

I Became a Mason Several Years Ago  Not rated yet
I became a Mason several years ago. I really was looking to become a better man and I wanted to surround myself with better people. I think Masonry …

A Mason 2 Years and Going Strong Not rated yet
I became a Mason in part, due to my Grandfather. I checked out a couple local lodges and decided on Braden #168 in St Paul, MN. The diversity of men …





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