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Link to - Providing Masonic Education to Freemasons and non-Freemasons.  Knowledge about Freemasonry removes antiquated stigmas, fears of evil spread by rumor-mongers and allows people to learn and understand more about the craft of Freemasonry.

You can link to from your personal, business or lodge website if you feel that the information contained herein would be valuable and of interest to your site's visitors.

Please Note: Linking to should be done in an appropriate context and as a service to your site's visitors when they need to find information about Freemasonry. 

Anchor Text:  Please use anchor text which describes exactly what the visitor will expect to find when they click the link.


Example:  If you wish to link to the Masonic Wife page, here is the html code with anchor text in bold.

<a href="">Masonic Wife</a>

<a href="">Masonic Wife</a>


Example:  If you wish to link to the Masonic Rings page, here is the html code:  Anchor text is in bold.

<a href="">Masonic Rings</a>


Example:  If you wish to link to the Freemason Watches page, here is the html code with anchor text in bold.

<a href="">Freemason Watches</a>


Text to Describe

Version 1: provides lodge level Masonic education about Freemasonry in the United States.  The site contains Masonic quizzes, Masonic Etiquette, Freemason symbol information, how to become a Freemason, a list of Masonic lodge locations around the world, lodge administration and more. 

Version 2: provides lodge level Masonic education about United States Freemasonry to help increase understanding of the craft by its own members, their families and non-Freemasons.  There are a few things that are secret within Freemasonry, however, the fraternity's universal mission is the "Brotherhood of Men Under the Fatherhood of God".


Link to  - By linking to this website using the proper anchor text in your HTML, you help others learn more about the fraternity, the universality of its members, its social and charitable functionality within the local community and why Freemasonry is the largest and oldest fraternity in the world.



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The Masonic Wife ebook

The Masonic Wife answers questions women ask their husbands about Freemasonry.

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