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If you would like to contact me at, just use the form provided below.

Fill in the information and click on the submit button, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Important! Please read this before submitting your question.

If you wish to become a Freemason, you MUST:

1. Find a Lodge and contact them, directly.

2. If you cannot find a lodge near you, do a Google search for: "Grand Lodge of (your state or country)".

WARNING: My email InBox is so full each day that I am no longer able to answer personal questions about how to find a lodge or questions about Masonic regalia and jewelry.

This site now receives several hundred emails per month, many of whom request more information about becoming a Freemason. I have really enjoyed helping people, and at one time, I was able to offer personal help to everyone who contacted me.

Now that this site receives so many visitors each day,

I can no longer:

  1. Answer each and every email, anymore.
  2. Help you find a lodge near you.

Please understand that it is not my intention to be unresponsive, but I have to prioritize my time toward providing Masonic education information on this website. So, if you want to become a Freemason, you must find a lodge near you, contact them and request to be a member.

I regret that I cannot answer personal requests as to how to find a lodge, however, links are available on this contact page to the Masonic Lodge Locations page, from which you must take the first step and contact a lodge.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


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