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You Might Be Involved With The Freemasons If

by Thomas George
(Carrollton,Ky, US)

1. ...If your yearly dues are bigger than your car payment.

2. ...If you are looking for a new degree team, because you feel you do not get enough practice with two.

3. ...If the only day of the week you do not break bread at a lodge is Sunday.

4. ...If in any year, you can find yourself in more than one chair.

5. ...If you ever had to turn down joining a Masonic appendant body because you could not find a day in your schedule for another organization.

6. ...If, on your calendar, you have written the hat and ring you need to bring with you for the evening.

7. ...If you have driven to hear the talk on the cup of brotherly love more than once.

8. ...If you are listed as a master ritualist in more than one grand lodge.

9. ...If you have been asked more than once to give a degree lecture for a lodge at the last second.

10. ...If you do not pass an open lodge without visiting.

Simon's Reply:

Yes, Brother George, Freemasonry CAN be addictive (in a good way).

Thanks for sharing!


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