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Ive been a Freemason for 47 years.

by Joseph P Bohner
(Holgate, OH)

I petitioned the lodge because of my great respect for two special men in my life, my grandfather, and the father of my best friend. I wanted to be like them.

I remember the night I received my First Degree. I was so excited I had trouble sleeping, and as I advanced through the degrees, it kept getting better. I had previously belonged to other fraternal lodges, but never felt the Brotherly Love, I experienced as a Mason.

I was an active church member, and the lodge work helped me to take and apply the moral lessons I learned in my church. I plunged into Freemasonry, advancing through the York Rite degrees. I am a Past Master (twice), Past High Priest(6 times), and Past Illustrious Master (4 times). I love the work.

The greatest gift that Freemasonry has given me, is the wonderful people I've known, and loved as a brother. I am currently an endowed member of two lodges, and of course the York Rite Bodies.

Simon's Reply:

Just as in the general population, not all Freemasons are members of a specific organized religion, but those who are find additional strength in Freemasonry's lessons, which uphold our Creator's wishes for how He would like for us to live our lives.

Thank you for sharing your reasons as to why you became a Mason with everyone, Brother Bohner.


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Mar 04, 2015
by: Joseph Bohner

Recently received my 50 year membership award from the Grand Lodge of Ohio. It is difficult for me to attend lodge because I'm in a wheelchair, however I am supporting the fraternity, by promoting it on Facebook.

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