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I Just Became a New Mason

by Justin
(Springfield Lodge 217 AF&AM, VA)

It took awhile to get in. I predominantly came in for the schooling. The lessons were of interest. The positive reinforcement was a plus and I never expected brotherhood to be so strong.

I take Masonry seriously and expect to play my part. I love it... don't join just because of a shallow reason. It doesn't work that way. You will fall by the wayside. Many people have failed to come back.

Put work into it. And love it. There is much to behold. I promise I will take what I have learned wherever I go. You should enjoy it too.

Besides... how could you pass up responsibility? There is a Masonic anchor landed in American history and it would be wholly irresponsible to come to knowledge of Masonry and ignore it.

God Bless, Brothers!

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