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by Kirk Bailey

I felt the urge to be a member of some sort of society for years- for friendship, activities, to 'conspire' together to accomplish good works, all this and more. Several were looked at, some only briefly, some at great length, but in the end the Masons stood out above all the others. Thursday evening, January 17 2013, I was conducted into becoming a Mason!

There is layer after layer to Masonry, and it will be years to dig deep into its mine of knowledge, but I know this is a place of honor, friendship, and noble labors- and honorable relaxations.

At last, it is done, and I am an Entered Apprentice in Nitram Lodge #188.

Now where's the goat?

Simon's Reply:

Congratulations and Welcome, Kirk,

It seems that you did your homework, well. As for the goat, I'm afraid that the only place you will find the "goat" is on T-shirts in online shops.

You will receive from Freemasonry what you put into it and more. You have a great attitude, so I believe you will do very well.

Thanks for writing and sharing.


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