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I Have Been a Mason for 33 Years

by Russell Gunn, Past Master
(Cumming,Ga. USA)

I Have Been a Mason for 33 Years

The truth is, I found God as my salvation in 1961. As a lot of us do, I took my eyes off God for a while.

When I found my way into Free Masons, I regained my sight. In short, I was brought to Light. By being brought to light, it wasn't about just me me anymore, but everything around me; the chance to give back just a little of what I had received; to work with the brotherhood of men who, for the most part, were better men from the start.

When I was placed at the Holy Altar and know just who I was talking to, it was the best thing that has ever happened in my life.

The education that I received from that point to this is unreal. Just as the Holy Bible, there is no end to being a Mason. No, the Lodge did not take the place of my Church, but it sure helped me to understand and learn more from my church.

I have never wanted to be the brightest star. I like to be in the background and to be the support of new members and to fire up our Lodge when it comes time.

I love to give to those that are in need, and to teach Charity to my Brothers. As the Chaplain of my Lodge, I love to use the Holy Bible... the most important tool of Masons. I have made this my job as a Mason.

Masonry has:

1. Helped me to be a better man.
2. Put my feet on the right path.
3. Given me a sense of direction.

I may leave this world broke, but, I'll leave being a Mason and will be my Brother's keeper until then.

Last word. "Be faithful over a few things."

Simon's Reply:

Each man finds different things in being a Freemason. It sounds as if you, like many other men, have found in Freemasonry's light, a spiritual home. Congratulations on your 33 years as a Freemason, Russell!

Thank you for sharing your feelings with us.


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