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Fundraiser Competition

by Christopher Tavares
(Charlestown RI, USA)

Hello, Brethren,

We've been kicking around a lot of ideas as to different fundraisers. But, the one idea I came up with was not a fundraiser at all. Instead, it is a challenge between the fundraisers!

Have different groups of officers and members each pick a event to over see. And make it a friendly challenge between them, giving the winning group some small prize and recognition for their efforts.

It can get some different people involved and ratchets up the efforts a bit.

Hope this idea helps!

Bro. Chris Tavares JD
Charity #23 Kenyon, RI

Simon's Reply:

Hi Chris,

I think this your Fundraiser Competition idea is great. Each team not only performs their fundraising duties, but are judged on how well they performed them. This helps everyone to have a little more fun to see which team raised the most money.

Thanks for sharing with everyone.


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