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From Demolay to Master and Past Master

by Jay Mel
(Dayton Ohio)

Becoming a mason is the pinnacle of progression... as it pertains to Spirituality, Manhood and Life.

It is the map to Self success, with the Bible being its road map. I was born 5th generation Demolay, raised Master before I joined the Air Force, what I was taught by those that raised me built and gave me the greatest asset as I progressed forward....my upright character.

I served my country for 22 years under the same mindset that was embedded in me in being a mason. I've visited many Lodges stateside and abroad. I can honestly say ..... we are the brotherhood of Christ.

The journey is like any other journey.... seek to be fulfilled!! With the understanding that what is given to you ...is meant to be shared in a Christian way. I've always been a God-fearing man first!..... A Mason secondly!! and my walk extends beyond the Lodge.

As I tell all young men, "Even if you have no intentions on becoming a mason....align yourself with Christ" . God-fearing and a Mason even in my life after....."So.Mote.It.Be."

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