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Brotherly Love and Affection

by Lenny
(Norfolk, Va)

I came to Freemasonry at a time when I was unsure of my future and the boost of self-confidence I got by being accepted as a brother by my parent's peers, people I greatly respected, confirmed that I was worthy.

The encouragement, guidance, and responsibility given by my lodge propelled me to strive and achieve. I've been paying back ever since.

As work and education caused me to relocate many times, I found immediate friends of high moral character, decent people with whom to associate, a respite from the unenlightened world.

My children were exposed to Masonic virtues, supplementing religious principles. They learned tolerance and respect for all faiths, the unity of mankind under the fatherhood of our great creator, by whatever name He is known.

I can honestly say that Masonry helped me inculcate moral teachings and all my children are really fine people. Demolay helped my younger sons beyond the leadership, public speaking, and ritualistic proficiency. Our children will be influenced by others; who better than a Mason?

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