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Brand New E.A.

by Kirk
(Largo FL)

I wanted to be in a fraternal order. I looked at several: Elks, Moose, Odd Fellows, the usual culprits.

OF were rather novel, but once novelty wears off it needs to have some substance.

Elk seemed to do some good work, and a lot of drinking- possibly a local chapter property, but it seemed like s private bar with charities attached.

Moose do some of that, but a lot more charity- and providing for widows, children, and older Moose members who need a place to live, all noble goals; The LOOM made #2 on my list.

Then there was this old and historic order, The Masons- who played a major role in founding this nation. With much research, they topped my list... Charities, recreation, little to no drinking, ethical education, recreational events, and much more; they were head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd. I applied, I interviewed, I was Invited, and I obligated.

Now to get the 2* memorized and take the ritual.

Simon's Reply:

Well, Kirk, it looks like you did, indeed, perform your due diligence!

Don't worry. You will do just fine.


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