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Always Admired & Idolized My Late Grandfather
who was a Freemason

by Louis Co
(Las Vegas, Nevada )

I first gazed upon my grandfather's huge photograph of him wearing his Masonic apron along with the symbols on them & with a sash has fascinated me as an 8 year old when I first saw it in our ancestral home.

His military haircut & slim fit body with a stern look on his face struck me as a man of great importance & well respected without even knowing nor hearing the word, Mason.

Growing up, I've always wanted to be a Freemason. I was told by a Freemason who's a friend of my late father's, that if I love helping people, then Freemasonry is for me.

Without telling me this I've always known myself as a loving & giving person by nature. I understand that in order for one to help another & others I must be able to.

Even at the age of 42, i am determined one day to knock at a lodge. I'm most specially proud of my grandfather who served humanity with charitable works for the poor of the Philippines & such heroism noted specially during WWII for saving lives when the Japanese attacked & tried occupying Gu Lang Yu island just off the coast of Xiamen city in the Fujian region of southeastern China.

He was one of the original land/homeowner's of the said island & is also known as the peacemaker / mediator between land owner disputes. So, with his legacy which I am proud & have always idolized, I wish to be a Freemason soon.

Simon's Reply:

Dear Louis,

There are several masonic lodges in Las Vegas. Click on this link to the Grand Lodge of Nevada's list of lodges in Las Vegas to find one near you.


If the link does not work, simply copy it and paste it in your browser and hit Enter.

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