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A Mason 2 Years and Going Strong

by Jeff
(St. Paul, MN, USA)

I became a Mason in part, due to my Grandfather. I checked out a couple local lodges and decided on Braden #168 in St Paul, MN.

The diversity of men in both age and views and the fact that we have something going on every Thursday were the two main reasons I decided on this lodge.

I have stayed and have become very involved in the lodge as we truly try to make good men better.

I have received inspiration during hard times of my life with personal stories and good advice and have helped others who have been struggling as well.

We all have different political and religious views, but, those stay on the back table and we all come together in peace and harmony, and all men that stay have benefited from being involved in the lodge.

Simon's Reply:

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for sharing your own personal experience! By doing so, you are helping non-members learn more about Freemasonry, rather than just from me on this website!

I really appreciate your taking the time to write.


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